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    Default Filtering

    Many of the higher end Whistler RD have programable filtering.

    I understand that filtering can reduce the amount of "falses" or extraneous non-police radar detected by RD.

    For example, the XTR-695 and SE version have three levels of filtering:
    Filter, Filter1 and Filter 2.

    Can someone out there explain filtering better than the manual that comes with the detector in a way that I and others can understand? For example, what does each filtering level, filter out?

    I am also curious if selecting a higher filtering level can increase the chance of missing real police radar?


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    Default Re: Filtering

    Each filtering level filters out different cobra models. I'm not 100% sure on the order

    Filter 1- starts out a 9-10 band cobra models
    filter 2- 9 band and up.

    FILTER can pick up distant radar scatter while filter 1 and filter 2 may miss it. I run FILTER most of the time because of Instant on. In very heavy traffic i go with filter 2
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    Default Re: Filtering

    Filter 2 works great in the city, I get no Ka falses at all with it on.



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