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    Just received my new pro 78se today, can't wait to fully test it out. Set up is as follows: pop off, x on, sr off, filter normal, ka maxid, laser id. So far with this set up I get only a few x false signals around town. This seems like a very well made unit, and looks to be worth the $169.99 I paid for the unit. But I have to put it to the test next week when I hit the Jersey shore, that's a 175 mile drive so I should find out how it performs. The local police down there shoot radar all over the place. I'll report my findings when I get back. As for now I be using the unit locally.

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    I recommend you check this thread to see what you will be up against during your trip:

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    Have fun testing it out. I sure would like to see how it does in your area.



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