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    Default Question for Pro 78SE order

    I ordered my PRO 78 SE on friday form buyradardetetors I am not sure if it was before 6 or after. However I did get charged on my creadit card and they said that they where going to email me my tracking number once it has been shippend., and I never got that mail, do you think they would ship it on monday.
    How long would you think it take if 2-3 days

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    Default Re: Question for Pro 78SE order

    I just ordered my pro 78se from (buy radar detectors) and they shipped it out that day I ordered it at 5:45pm. This place doesn't play games, they move product out fast. I had my unit on my door step in 3 days. you should have it real soon. I even talked to Whistler about this vender and they said they were a very good reputable dealer. Radar busters was mentioned as being a very good dealer too.



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