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    Default Whistler RLC-100

    Today I received a Whistler RLC-100 and have registered at the Whistler site but have not as yet received a confirmation number to my email address.

    I wanted to test the upload of the database and installed the download software from the Whistler website but when activating it has wiped out all factory installed locations and has not installed a more current data base.

    How do I get it back to factory settings at least; and preferably how do I upload the most current data base because I followed the instructions and it went through deletion of the old data base but it did not give me a file to install a newer replacement data base.

    At the moment I have a unit which is worthless and I am panicking on how to reset it or download the factory installed data base back.

    Hope someone like Mike can HELP!!!



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    Default Re: Whistler RLC-100

    Wait for the confirmation email with the files you need then follow the update directions.

    Do not unplug the USB until the download is complete and you have pressed the exit program button



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