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Thread: My New PRO 78SE

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    Default My New PRO 78SE

    THE best and the most sensitivin setting, which one would it be, I dont have any x band

    ka band mostly
    k band some

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    Default Re: My New PRO 78SE

    Personally I would leave X band on.

    As for the rest, I would suggest POP OFF, Filter, and KaMaxID

    If you have a handful of falsed from radar detectors, try the Filter 1 setting

    If you still have a handfull of falses from radar detectors, move to the Filter 2 setting.

    If you still have falses that you can determine to be caused by other radar detectors, you can try the Ka RSID mode and see if it reduces them.

    If you live in an area that uses POP, you need to decide if you want to envoke POP or not.

    Allow 1 week of driving before making any changes.



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