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    Default Pro 78 (Rev C) or Pro 78SE

    Hey's been a while since I've been on these boards but it's good to be back.

    I'm going to be taking my annual drive from NYC down to Stuart, Florida pretty soon and I'm debating about selling my Pro 78 (rev C) on eBay and then buying the Pro 78SE instead.

    Is the increase in features/performance worth it? Any thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: Pro 78 (Rev C) or Pro 78SE

    The main difference between the Pro 78SE and the Pro 78 is the introduction of Ka Max. In this mode Ka Max makes the detector more sensitive to Ka band but also makes the detector more prone to falsing. We have a lot of good reports of the range of this detector and several bad reports. The pro 78SE did very well against quick trigger in GOL, second only to the V1 according to the tests. Overall the new Rev C+ platform is very solid if you are not in a heavy city area. If you are not in an enviroment that has very heavy traffic your performance will depend on many factors.

    As far as extra features go, Ka Max aside, you will be able to see what frequency of Ka band you are dealing with when the detector alerts to Ka band. That is something that the Pro 78 doesn't have. The Pro 78SE will have this feature. If you are looking for more features than this, opt for XTR-690SE or a 695SE. These two have red displays instead of the blue.

    Overall if you are happy with your Pro 78 you will be very happy with a Pro 78SE.

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    Default Re: Pro 78 (Rev C) or Pro 78SE

    Thanks for your reply. As I said....been a while since I've been here...I'm unclear on "rev C+" an upgrade to "rev C" that can be performed with simply new software or am I just misidentifying it and when I said rev C I should have said rev C+? Or is rev C+ = SE which I know is not simply a software upgrade?

    I tried to follow this in an earlier thread but it quickly degraded into a pissing match between a couple of folks. So....if you can clairfy, it will certainly help.

    That said....I just want the best overall performer as I don't use the RD on a daily basis...mostly just for longer trips on the highway and through some moderately sized towns/cities....not big metro areas like NYC, etc.

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    Default Re: Pro 78 (Rev C) or Pro 78SE

    Currently the best performing Whistler models are the SE series.

    This consists of the XTR-690SE, the Pro78SE and the XTR-695SE

    All use the Rev C+ platform.

    Platform consists of both hardware and software.

    The SE series also has improved Laser Performance vs. their non SE counterparts



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