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    Default FWIW, 78SE pays for itself once again!

    Yesterday was the first day without rain in a week. Sun was out and so were the LEOs! Had three encounters, IO, CO, CO.

    First encounter, IO Ka 35.5.
    I approached a small farm town in a nearby state where the Barney Fife police force lurks. About 2 miles out as i approached the town, i got a quick Ka alert with no frequency. I ruled out another RD false and this area has never falsed before. Nothing for another few seconds, then i got another short K alert, then the Ka 35.5 alerts started sporadically then silence. As i got about 3/4 mi. to the city limits, Ka 35.5 was now constant for a couple seconds then all of a sudden stopped. Now in the city limits, the 78se lit up instantly with Ka 35.5 - 9. Hit the brakes slowing down to 30mph. There he was parked in a factory parking lot about 500 yards away with his radar gun sticking out the window.
    My first IO save! The speed limit in this town is 30 mph which i normally go over a few. The lady in the van behind me beeped her horn and gave a thumbs up when we hit the next stop sign. Saved her a ticket too!

    Second encounter, CO Ka 35.5.
    As i approached another larger city, i start getting sporadic Ka 35.5 alerts. The speed limit on the highway was 55 which immediately winds down to 30 mph at the city limits. No one does 30 mph on this stretch of road including myself that is til today!
    Anyway the alerts are increasing in frequency then going solid. There he was hiding in the golf course parking lot. First alert was an easy 2+ miles away. The constant alerting started about maybe 800 yards away. I for sure would of gotten a ticket as i typically do 30+ on this stretch of road.

    Third encounter, CO K band.
    As i pulled out of the WallyWorld parking lot, K band started to alert immediately. First an anemic 1 or 2, looked all around and couldn't spot any LEOs. Drove for another mile or so and the alerts were getting stronger, still no LEO in sight. Another mile and now the alerts were getting real strong. Looked in the rear view and there he was about 500 yards in back of me approaching faster than the speed limit. Turned the detector off as i didn't want to advertise i had a RD. The LEO eventually pulled up behind me at a stop sign with his right directionals on! I went straight ahead Whew!!

    Man i really like the alert ramp ups on these Whistlers!

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    In a town full of undercover leos blasting c/o Ka

    Default Re: FWIW, 78SE pays for itself once again!

    Nice saves. A perfect ramp up is the best thing you can have when you don't have arrows

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    Default Re: FWIW, 78SE pays for itself once again!

    Good saves. The Pro 78se is very good on 35.5Ka IMO and I really like the ramp-up on it too.

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    Default Re: FWIW, 78SE pays for itself once again!

    Yeah, that IO alert was something else! An instant 'full metal' Ka 35.5 alert and at that distance! Thought the 78SE was gonna have a coronary!

    Two, possibly three saves in one day is one for my record book!

    Lesson learned: Beware of the first sunny nice day after a bunch of crappy weather and at the end of the month!



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