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Thread: 1,600 mile trip

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    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I'd post a quick note here to share a couple things that occurred on a trip I took from SC to Mich and back a couple of weeks ago.

    First of all, know that X band is alive and well in Ohio. I had three confirmed encounters with state troopers that my XTR 695 sniffed out.

    I also had an encounter I hadn't experienced before. My RD alerted to Ka band, and just over the hill I saw 3 LEO's, lights flashing, escorting another vehicle down the expressway. I don't know if the truck was damaged, or wouldn't stop for the LEO's, but they were all in the right hand lane moving slowly along. The thing that made me curious, though, was that the XTR 695 did not show the band ID on the display. Shortly after I passed this scene, the RD stopped alerting. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a confirmed Ka encounter without the band ID showing up. I'm always cautious when I hear a Ka blip, and always check the RD to confirm whether it's a LEO or not by looking for the band ID on the display. It looks like I'll need to be cautious through the whole alert now.

    I saw plenty of LEO's during my trip, though they all seemed to be very selective with who they were targeting. I 'd say about half were using lasers, visually confirmed, though I've never gotten a laser alert with my 695 since I've owned it. The (really, really old) CB radio I had with me really is a great thing to have for advanced notice of any LEO's.

    I also saw more LEO's on this trip hiding in such a manner where they would be targeting you from behind after you passed them....such as the entrance ramps of express ways, or behind bridges or bushes.

    I was quite impressed with how quiet the 695 was along I-696 in Mich. I've had a few RD's when I lived there and know all the false signal spots. The 695 was amazingly quiet during my time up there. Unfortunately, I didn't have any LEO alerts at all in Michigan....though that doesn't really surprise me much. I think they are one of the most lax states for speed enforcement I've ever been to.

    Safe travels all....


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    Default Re: 1,600 mile trip

    I have seen what I thought to be legit ka alerts without frequencies. It's an uncommon event for me though. You shouldn't be seeing that too often.

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    Default Re: 1,600 mile trip

    The leo's gun may have fallen out of tune...

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    Default Re: 1,600 mile trip

    I 696 seems to be patrolled less lately.

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    The few times i've seen Ka alerts with no frequency, it was either:

    approaching genuine LEO Ka radar at a great distance with random initial alerts. As the Ka beam got stronger, a frequency eventually showed up.


    A plain and simple false of some kind.

    So far all the Ka alerts with frequency i've experienced, have always turned out to be genuine LEO Ka radar. Don't ignore a Ka with freq. alert.



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