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    Default Alert vs. movement: ? for MichaelB

    I've noticed when say approaching a door opener, RDs will alert progressively stronger and then when the vehicle is slowed down the alerts get less stronger sometimes stopping. Then as the vehicle moves again towards the source, the alerts start up again.
    Seen this occur with just about every brand RD i've owned.

    Has this got something to do with the doppler effect and the way a RDers sweep?

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    Default Re: Alert vs. movement: ? for MichaelB

    I have not experienced this.
    I cannot think of any reason for it.
    The radar detector doesn't care if you are moving or not.
    It is a sweeping receiver and will indicate a predetermined strength for the signal received.

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    Default Re: Alert vs. movement: ? for MichaelB

    Its rare but it has happened and with not only Whistlers but other brands also.

    I forgot to mention it only seems to happen with door openers. I've seen the alert actually stop when the vehicle stops and then start alerting again when the vehicle starts moving again.
    Never experienced this with real police radar.

    I'm thinking the opener freq. might be a 'hair off' sitting on the edge of the band and the movement of the vehicle brings it back in band relative to the RD's receiver.



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