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    so anyone know much about the whistler pro 68? there doesnt seem to be much about it out there except what whistler says


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    i believe there is only one member who owns one on this forum and you can find his review up on amazon aswell

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    Check out the following link, good info on the Pro68:

    What's the Deal With the Pro-68?

    I purchased one for my son as a Christmas present in 2008 and it has served him well.
    The Pro68 is slightly less sensitive on KA band than the Pro78 and slighty more sensitive on K band. If money is an issue this detector will met your needs. If you can afford to wait and save some more go with the XTR690se or Pro78se. Both of these detectors are very good and reasonably price. Whistler has been putting greater priority on KA sensitivity since it's what most departments are going to laser. The SE models have improved laser sensitivity as well.


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    thanks for the good info there, i also ordered the pro 3450 for my car, from what ive read its a decent setup for a very good price but nothing special. i did not want a window mount unit for my 85 mustang as it is a show car as well as weekend warrior.

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    I have seen even the Pro 58 recommended in the past. I would think that a pro 68 would be fine for someone on a budget but I only say this because of word of mouth on this forum.

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    My brother has been using a Pro58 for many years that he is very happy with. I have gone on a few trips with him and I think that it works about as well as my Pro73 which I have also used for many years (and am still using), I have been very happy with it. I have heard from others that the Pro68 performs better than the Pro73 and almost as good as the SEs. Judging from that, I would say that IMHO the Pro68 at $80-$90 is an excellent buy (maybe the best buy for the money in the Whistler lineup) and without a doubt the best RD for under $100.

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    I wouldn't waste your time...get a pro 78 se. It works marvelously for me.




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