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    Default Pro 78Se 34.7 Ka C/0 video 1/5/10

    The SE did very well against all 34.7 encounters. Forward facing was not a problem. 34.7 was detected over hills and overpasses with in 2 miles of a Constant on 34.7 source. 90% of the time i ran in Filter mode and Ka max. I went up to filter 2 in Dallas Ft.worth area the falses were every few min of Ka9. I ran filter 1 on the way back due to heavy traffic on I-20 and 84. There was 9 Tx Dps in a 200 mile radius. All but 1-2 had costumers. They were hiding over overpasses and around curves using the I/0 or Quick trigger method. I put 1,200 miles on The SE. All my encounters were 90% 34.7. So Far they SE shows to be better on 35.5 and off axis 35.5 and much improved forward facing Ka 34.7 and off axis against my Rev C platform.

    2 miles before i started filming a got 1 Ka 34.7 chirp. This is what i ran in to. If this was the source the total distance was 3.3 miles

    [ame=""]YouTube - DSCN4939.MOV[/ame]
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