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    Default Whistler DE-1763 vs. Whistler Pro-58

    I can get both for around the same price. Which one is infact better?
    It seems the Pro-58 has a nicer display, but I can care less if it has worse detection. Anyone got any clue on this one?

    Also are any of these units better than the Whistler DE-1776?

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    The PRO58 is a better unit than the 1763 unit, the pro has POP detection athe 1763 does not.

    Also are any of these units better than the Whistler DE-1776?
    1776 is a new model and no one has talked much about this model yet.
    I would say they are the same in detection ,just the pro series comes with a 2 year warranty where the 1776 has only 1 year warranty.

    I want to buy one to test it out but I am betting it is no different than the PRO58 I have now.

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    Thanks for your response. How do you like your Pro-58 so far? Is it good for the money? Anything you don't like about it? I found it online for $89 and I'm hoping to return my Cobra and get that instead. Is there any better radar detector for close to the same price? Also what level do the Whistler's go up to in detection? For example the Cobra's go up to Level 5.

    Anyways, I'm excited to get a Whistler Pro-58. I hope to post my experiences here as soon as I can get my hands on it.

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    Do some reading in this section you will see many thoughts and opinions about the Whislter PRO series.

    As far as another detector in it's price range the Bel 795 at Radio Shack is on sale for $79.00

    Do a search on bel 795 in the forum and you will see where a few of us have written our thoughts about this unit as well.

    Each unit has their plus and minuses read about both then decide which is the bette unit for your particular area.

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    I read your article about the Bel 795 and I'm almost ready to buy it instead. However, is anybody certain it supports POP? That be the only flaw I'd have in buying it instead of the Whistler.

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    Radar Boy, I've heard that the Bel 795 does not have POP. I'm not 100% sure that it doesn't but, that's the only reason I didn't buy the BEL 795.

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    Thanks for your response.. I've made a continuation of this thread about the Bel E795 supporting POP or not ->



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