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    Default I don't know if my XTR695 is working...brand new.

    I just got one off Amazon. Anyways, I took it for a test spin tonight but it was NOT working. I almost got hit by a cop by saw him just in time. I also passed another one and the thing didn't go off at all. I did just plug it in out of the box, but it was on Highway mode. It was picking up X band in the city. Anyways, there was some SR setting that was off, so I turned that on. I turned off POP. I also saw a 'Test' setting for the was on so I turned it off when I got home.

    Did I screw up? Why wasn't this detecting anything. I almost got nailed.

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    Default Re: I don't know if my XTR695 is working...brand new.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Keep in mind that your XTR-695 is a RADAR detector and not a cop detector. Most of the time when you see a cop your radar detector will actually remain silent. In order to see a cop ahead of time, the cop has to have radar on. No radar, no alert.

    Also, there are two things that can be dangerous to a radar detector user. Laser(or LIDAR) and Instant on.

    Laser is a narrow beam that officers use to obtain your speed. They typically aim for your front plate or your car or your head lights. Radar detectors offer no protection against laser.

    Instant on is basically when the officer leaves their radar on standby(so detectors will not alert to them) then when they find someone they believe is speeding they will shoot them for radar. If you are the target, immediate action is required, but it is not garunteed that you will be saved. However, if they hit the guy in front of you, you will more than likely get an alert.

    So you may be wondering. "I bought a radar detector for protection but from what he is saying, this thing doesn't protect me against much at all!" Not so really, there are techinques you can use to greatly enhance your radar detector's usefulness and reduce your chances of getting a ticket. One of the best tactic is to use a rabbit. Basically you find someone who is speeding and you ride behind them. If they get hit, your detector alerts and you slow down.

    When you read around here you will learn a lot. I didn't know anything when I first came here two years ago. I've come a long way. Happy reading and best of luck to you!

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    Default Re: I don't know if my XTR695 is working...brand new.

    You can leave SD off since its basically not used anymore.
    Disabling POP which is also seldom used will increase your RD's performance.

    As far as your detector not alerting when you pass a cop, Divewjason is correct.
    Not all police cars run their radar units and some police cars are not even equipped with radar units. I'd say about only 3 out of 10 police cars i visually see will cause an alert.

    Since it alerted to Xband which is usually an automatic store door opener, i'd say your RDer is working properly. Just use it for a'll see.
    No, you didn't screw up!

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    Default Re: I don't know if my XTR695 is working...brand new.

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    Default Re: I don't know if my XTR695 is working...brand new.

    I have been on a road trip where i saw 14 cops and not one was running radar. Welcome to our world It takes a while to break in a RD



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