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    Default New gift for daughter

    Hello everyone,

    I am probably the atypical user of radar detectors on the forum. I had gotten one ticket 20+ years ago traveling a side street to go pick up milk and a paper on a Sunday morning. When that happened I said "this will never happen to me again." I bought an RD, and have never gotten a ticket since. I am not one who travels intentionally way over the speed limit, but the streets around here in NC/SC at times, are not marked very well....and the statewide speed limit is 35 mph unless othewise posted. I've always thought this to be a shady way of posting any speed limit, and needless to say, some roads are set up for much more than 35 mph.

    However, my daughter hasn't learned to control her right foot yet, and called me yesterday to cash in on a promise I made to her last year to buy her a radar detector. She is an adrenaline junkie, and her job as a paramedic just doesn't give her the fix she needs for excitement...and apparently this need for speed has gotten her pulled over 4 times in the last 4 months. However, since she is a good looking girl, the only citation she has received has been one ticket for 5 mph over the posted speed limit, which she claims doesn't entail any points on her record. Frankly, I just don't understand this.....I thought any moving violation entailed points on your driving record.

    Anyhow, I bought her the pro-78SE. I have the Pro 78, and the XTR 695 and have liked both of them. The funny thing is, the XTR probably did save me from a ticket the day I bought the RD for my daughter. I was traveling along a winding sidestreet I've never traveled on before that actually had speed bumps to slow cars down all throughout this neighborhood. The RD alerted to K-band, and I immediately check my speed to ensure I was at or under 25 MPH. Again, this street had no speed limit signs on them and I was probably at 35 mph or so. Shortly after the alert, I rounded a corner and a "safety patrol" car was pulled way into the bushes with C/O K band. This is the reason why I ride with an RD....I don't want to get the attention of any LEO when all I'm trying to do is get from point A to point B and am unintentionally over the speed limit. Score one for the XTR :0)

    Safe travels all....

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    Default Re: New gift for daughter

    Wow, two RDers stolen!

    Yeah, those unposted speed limits typically on country roads gets me a little paranoid considering here its not a Statewide standard but varies County by County. In my County its 45mph, the next county West, its 55mph, and to the North, its 40mph.
    Still don't know what the next County East is. I asked a County LEO there what the limit was on his unposted roads and all he said was 'whatever you can get away with'




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