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    Default Falsing on pro 58

    Hello All, I just ordered the pro 58 from roy and was wondering why when i drive by other cars i get a quick k or ka band alert of 4 that quickly goes away. I have been quite suprised at how far away i can detect my local speedtraps but this is a bit annoying. I have my detector mounted how on my windsheild and set to city 2 mode. Are there any reccomendations to improve my units performance. I was considering the valentine 1 or passport but was put off by the high price being I am a commuter student that does 5-10 over when i absolutely need to. I guess do the higher end units false like this?, I can understand no radar detector can filter out the k door openers at stores like meijer but is there any way to do away with the random car drive by falses?

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    It's your common cobra radar detector in other people's cars.
    Get used to it, it happens to all of us.

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    Unfortunately for the price range, it's probably about the best you're going to do. You can watch as you pass cars for junk detectors (look for black suction cups - more often than not, those are Cobra). That will be most of your false alerts. If you're really bothered by it, and you really don't drive more than 10 or so over, you might be a good candidate for a PNI Silver Bullet or Steel Eye. They filter out other detector falses really well, but the tradeoff is that it won't alert to any Ka signal that's detected for less than a second.

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    Default Pop

    Is there any way to disable pop like on the pro 73 or should i have gotten that model. The reason i got the pro 58 was on roys reccomendation and because i was put off by a best buy sales person that said if i had the 8500 like he did i could do 20 over without ever getting a ticket. I am wonderering what I can do to cut down on the falses however. Would buying a cobra detector help as they cause the falses and thus woudent recieve them?

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    You can disable POP but I would not do it on that model, it will false even more.
    Look around in the Whistler forum and you will see where I did this very same thing and my falsing was even worse.

    Do not buy a Cobra detector you are only adding more garbage to the situation to other radar detector owners.
    The Whistlers are known to false on K and KA, this is something you are going to have to live with if you use a Whistler radar detector.

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    I am still testing my Pro 58, however I do not have many falses. My PoP is ready to go, and I am in the "Heartland of the USA", with pride. Not because of State football, or Bungles. Seriously, I do not have tons of falses. Granted, my KA usually is a false which is not good. However, they are never pulses or anything crazy. I have not given my final grade on this unit. I LOVE the two year warranty however. I do not trust any unit often(In the long run). Obviously, we read often about differences. I do enjoy how I live in the Radar/Laser Detector Capitol of the World(aka Valentine and Escort). I have also enjoyed this forum and RadarBusters. Happy New Years to all and drive carefully. Safety is number one, in all aspects of life.



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