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    Default Whistler XTR-695


    What do you think of the Whistler XTR-695?

    Any experiences with this model in the Dallas area?

    So far, I've read good reviews about it.

    Any opinions are appreciated.



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    Default Re: Whistler XTR-695

    The following is based on my xtr-695.

    Good points:
    -Good overall detection range
    -Great and numerous features
    -Excellent IO detection
    -Cost effective

    Bad points:
    -The LCD display is hard to impossible to read in direct bright sunlight depending on the vehicle and where the RDer is mounted. If mounted high up near or on the visor out of the sunlight, i suspect this display readability issue would be non-existent.
    (IMO, spend a few extra bucks and get a Whistler with a bright LED display like the Pro 78 or the 78SE. In addition to a more readable display in sunlight, Ka band detection is much better than the non-SE series Whistlers.)

    -The city modes or disabling X-band in the menu are useless IMO because of the X-K mis-identification bug.
    (I keep X-band and highway mode enabled as a work around.)

    Finally, would i recommend the xtr-695? Yep, a great value for the money! Just be aware of the negative points.



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