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    Default 78 SE start up problem

    When i first start up my car for work in the morning my RD turns on immediately and the letters move quickly as well as the self test. However, everytime i start my car from that point forward it moves extremely slow, the sounds are completely different from their intended sound. I dont leave my RD in the car during the day, so it faces little heat. Not sure what the problem is but it is definitely having me worried about the integrity of the product.

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    Default Re: 78 SE start up problem

    consider your procedure

    it's always best to power your detector only after the motor has started and the electrical system has stabilized
    Whistlers seem the most affected by 'dirty power' during their startup
    try both; the Power button AND disconnecting from the power source

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    Default Re: 78 SE start up problem

    Sounds like the crystal may have an issue. PM me and I will forward you an address so ship the unit.



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