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    Default SE going nuts again on Ka band

    I have been running Filter 2 for a while in the city and i recently went back to filter mode with Ka max always on. Ka band and Ka 9 falses are occuring all over the city i counted 19 Ka falses in a hour drive around the city. While playing with the Filter modes is when i notice it is very much more alert to Rd's and towers around the city. I have my good days and bad. I'm pretty sure its going back to Mike B for a check up in the next 2 weeks.

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    Default Re: SE going nuts again on Ka band

    send send send

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    Default Re: SE going nuts again on Ka band

    There was one time shortly after i started to use the 78SE that it continually Ka Falsed in a couple mile stretch of a large city with a lot of malls in that area and in heavy 4 lane traffic with a lot of stop lights. As i remember there were at least a dozen alerts in that area.
    Seemed like every few minutes there'd be one of those instant non-ID gone in a flash Ka alerts. Thought the RDer was defective as that hadn't happend before in the same area.

    Long story short, that hasn't happend since in that same area or anywhere else in about a years worth of daily use. Settings have always remained the same.

    Don't know exactly what to make of that one incident.
    Could be;
    the processor went the equivalent of a Windows BSOD and needed a power-off/on-reset,
    maybe there was a low-flying aircraft in the area,
    might of been a leaky radar detector in the area following or ahead of me in the heavy traffic,
    some distant LEO using Ka IO,
    a LEO weaving in and out of traffic with CO,
    a LEO patrolling the adjacent mall parking lots with CO.

    Maybe it was all of the above?

    Because there were no IDs in all of those short sub second to 1 second alerts, once again, an optional Ka 'City' filter would of eliminated them. Meaning that if that optional Ka City (now mythical, hopefully futuristic) mode was enabled, there'd be no full alert unless a legit Police Ka ID can be processed. Maybe just a quick beep or two for a heads up?
    Possibly as a safety precaution, if that non-ID radar signal persisted for say anywhere from 500 to 1000ms, then the detector would enable a full alert just in case its a very weak signal from a distant LEO.
    Further, if the Police radar is too weak for the RDer to process an ID, then the odds are pretty good that the LEO couldn't lock the vehicles speed either.



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