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    Default SE platform not recommended in Dallas/Ft.Worth.

    I have been in DFW all weekend and started with Ka max on and filter. I recieved over 40+ random Ka falses and Ka 9 falses with out KA-rsid.With in a hour i turned off Ka max and turned KA-Normal and still was recieving about 10 Ka falses every 15 min or so while still in Filter mode. I went up to the highest filter mode with Ka max off and still was Ka falses pretty bad. So far I have had a good relationship with my 690se. Only encounter i have had has been about half mile I/0 34.7 alert of Tx dps. Hopefully i can get some video of some long distant I/0 34.7. I only saw 5 dps up here and 4 had customers already.Perhaps my unit needs a look at.
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    Default Re: SE platform not recommended in Dallas/Ft.Worth.

    Nice to know, I'm headed to Dallas for 2 weeks and I guess I'll be taking my V995.



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