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    Default nice try!

    Yesterday on my way from picking up my brother from school I was going 65 in a 45. It was a straight line with a hill leading up to a turn. No cars in front of me and no cars coming the other way. At 65MPH I get a Ka 3. Once I heard "Ka band" I SLAMMED on my breaks because this is not a normal place for my RD to false. As I get back down to 45 I see the cop going by me. I have my 1773 mounted a little bit lower then my rear view mirror.

    It saved my ass! I'm very imprest with this unit. Thought for sure anything over 15 I would of had my self a ticket.

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    Default X,K,Ka

    If everyone posted these....we would need 300 terabytes of data for this forum! ;-) Good to see results. My X50 saves me weekly. I usually do the plus ten and then velocitizing takes over. When the screaming beep comes... it is a pleasany reminder that I am not a victim of the nasty circle of funding. LEO -> Town ->insurance company -> NTHSA -> Town roadway dollars and LEO stations for training and funding.

    Funny thing about this.... NTHSA are the group regulating speed enforcement devices. Can you say Conflict of Interest??? The Fox is wathing the henhouse. the judges support the illegal circular flow of drivers' dollars. the judges support the misuse. the NTHSA does not enforce correct use of speed enforcement devices enough.

    Class action national suit anyone?

    If business did this, the feds would insist third party audits were done and the regulation and testing approval will be done by someone not in the loop of the funding.

    It is ridiculous.



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