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    Default Laser Save (sort of) on XTR-695 Non S/E

    Well, after owning this XTR-695 for about 4 months now, I've had several 2+
    mile K-band, 34.7Ghz KA, 33.8Ghz KA, and 35.5Ghz warnings. The best I've had was
    a 2+ mile warning on 33.8Ghz that involved hills, curves and trees. Anyhow, back on topic, I was on I-80 heading east toward Iowa City with a rabbit in front of me when I got a laser alert. Even though I hear the alert during the self test everytime I power it up, it sure startled me since it screams much more wildly than any other alert. I'm not sure I'd call it a save because I was only going 8 over, but I instantly let off the gas only to see an ISP car and hear the alert a few seconds later as he clocked me. By that time a was pretty much down to the PSL. The car I was following was about 5 lengths in front of me and I'm pretty sure the scatter from that gave me the heads up. BTW
    It's mounted low and in the center of the windshield. (No Jammers)

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    Default Re: Laser Save (sort of) on XTR-695 Non S/E

    so did you get two alerts then? One for the car in front which made you let off the gas, then you got nailed with a second alert? If that was the case then it most likely was scatter and you got the rare jammerless save from having an RD alone. What kind of car do you drive anyways? Does it have high ground clearence? It might have helped with picking up scatter.

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    Default Re: Laser Save (sort of) on XTR-695 Non S/E

    I would not call 8 over a save. I've been doing 22 over in a construction zone and the LEO never pulled out. You have no way of knowing his threshold for issuing a ticket. Now if you were doing trips and got slowed down and no ticket then I think you could call it a save. Other than that you just got notified a LEO was running laser and you were not going fast enough for him to invite you to the disco!
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    Default Re: Laser Save (sort of) on XTR-695 Non S/E

    Yep, 2 alerts. It's a Jeep Cherokee, so I do have more ground clearance than most.

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    Default Re: Laser Save (sort of) on XTR-695 Non S/E

    Depending on the area 8 over might be a invitation to a roadside disco for DUI hassles.



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