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    Default About to get a 693se Need tips!

    Hey guys a newbie here, hopefully you guys can give me some tips. I plan on getting a 693se soon at the local walmart and wondering what features should I turn off for max performance. I drive back and fourth from Waco to Houston so purely highway use.

    So far I have read to turn POP mode off? Also is Ka Max mode something I have to turn on myself or will the radar do that from the factory? One more, is there a difference between MAX and MAXID modes? Norm modes?

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    POP off, KaMaxID, Filter, Laser LSID
    Leave all other bands on and if you experience lots of false Ka9 bursts try filter1 or 2

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    Run the following settings:

    -KA MAX ID
    -POP OFF

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    I've had the best luck with:

    POP OFF.
    SWS OFF - useless at best and there's no reason to run it.
    KaMAXID ON - this really makes it much easier to identify a real threat on Ka Band.
    LSID ON - same as above although if you get painted with real PD laser - you're pretty much caught.
    Use Filter 1/2. Filter triggers too many short (and false) Ka bursts.
    Leave all bands on, including X - door sensors will show up as K-band signals sometimes if you disable X.

    Periscope lights OFF - those bright blue flashy lights make it too obvious that you have an RD in your vehicle at night. And, they're annoying as hell.

    Keep the volume setting at 4 or lower if at all possible. The speakers tend to get blown if you run them too loud.

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    You will get awesome range with the wide open Texas interstates and highways. Check out my youtube channel Griggja82. I have a ton of Whistler SE videos against Tx dps.

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    I use the same settings many users here listed.

    You are lucky you are in Texas. In NY and MA the 693se does the job on the ka bands for the most part. The ka max mode makes it quite useful. However, K band can come on right as you approach the cop and it can produce frightening encounters. Probably can still slow down if you are not pushing to too hard. Also, this usually happens over hills or around long bends, but it is for real.

    i like my 693se. Its a damn good device for the money, but i wouldn't go too fast with it if k band is used in your area.

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    Default Re: About to get a 693se Need tips!

    Thanks for the settings guys will try em out. So far ka max mode does great with texas roads. Sometimes get more than a 1 mile warning if it is C/O. They still use K band here on so i still gotta keep watch!



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