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    Default Pro 78 (non-SE Rev C) vs Ka Band Speed Sign

    Nothing overly special here. Just that its not often you find the elusive Ka Band speed sign on a Interstate Highway. Most of them are K Band. Enjoy! HD Camcorder for better quality coming soon.

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    Default Re: Pro 78 (non-SE Rev C) vs Ka Band Speed Sign

    Nice range ! Whistlers have always served me well i owned a Pro 78 Rev A, later it was updated to Rev C and was very hot on Ka 34.7. I also owned a Pro 73 and it was a great detector. I now use a Xtr 690SE and a V1. My wife uses the 690SE and i have the V1. I have a great video collection of videos on my youtube channel link below in my signature. I have some really really good saves from Whistlers.



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