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    In a town full of undercover leos blasting c/o Ka

    Default XTR585 and 690SE Ka 34.7

    The 585 had pop on because I just reset it and didn't get to change the settings yet. The 690se had KaMax on, pop off and filter mode. 3 different scenarios around the curve(585), head on(585), and forward facing(690se). Not much of a test but just interesting to see where Ka preformance was a couple years before the KaMax feature. 585 was made sometime in 2007 according to its motherboard. The leo was too far away at the end to really see in the video but he disappears behind a curve and so does the alert.

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    Default Re: XTR585 and 690SE Ka 34.7

    Thanks for the vid trun. Ka max is a real improvement for sure.



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