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    I just got a whistler 1744 from a friend who no longer needs it. He never really learned how to use it, and lost the intructions for it. This is my first radar detector and i've tried to read around to learn how to use it, but I need a more detailed guide for my own model.

    Mainly I don't know what the display letters mean on it, or what settings I should use. I've learned that K, Ka, and X are different signals from cops, but thats about it.

    When I first installed it it was always showing Ka, with a blinking 9 and no sound. After playing around, I think I have got it set to the first city setting. Now it idles with the display showing "V C", and every now and then it will pop up with "X 1", or "X 2". I haven't ran into any cops so I don't know what would happen if I did. I have no idea what the V stands for, but I assume the idle C is for the city setting.

    EDIT - Well now whenever I turn my car on, the display goes through the testing (showing all letters) then "C 1" blinks twice, then it it shows "Ka 9" and blinks. No matter where I am or where I have the detector it just keeps blinking Ka 9. I've tried changing the city settings, but when I hit the city button nothing happens.

    If anyone has this model and could give me a better understanding on how to use it, or know of a good site where I could learn please post it.

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    If it's showing Ka9 all the time, it sounds like it's malfunctioning. Here's the manual anways.

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    It shouldnt be showing Ka all the time, I agree, could be malfuctioning. I would try to reset it. Go to the link that the other post gave you to down the directions.

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    Maybe now you know why your friend gave you this.
    Sounds like it is defective

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    I have it, try holding down city button. Is there anything in your car that is producing a signal? Did you try it in another car?

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    Thx for the link to the manual. I reset the dectector and have it in City 1 mode. Now it gives me a constant K band with 1 or 2 alerting. My friend said this is the same thing it did with him ever since he bought it.

    I drove past a cop earlier and got a X band with 9 alerting for a few seconds then it went back down, which seemed like it was working. On my way home however it came back up with the ka 9 alert. I didn't see any cops, and the alert stayed for atleast 15 mins until I got home, I even reset the power to it and when it came back on it went straight to the ka 9 alert.

    I don't remember anything out of the ordanary happening when it went to ka 9. I didn't hit a bump, or get a phone call, or anything like that.



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