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    Default 1st save Whistler XTR-695

    Got my 1st save today with the XTR-695. I turned right onto a main street here with a 30 PSL and immediately began to get a 34.7 ka alert at about 5 in strength. As I proceeded down the road the signal would last a second or two and then go away. Approx 1/4 mile down the road while alerting 34.7 at 7 strength I spotted him. A moto cop hidden off the road to the right behind some parked cars using a hand held stalker. I would have been toast without the alerts. Settings were ka,k and laser enabled, pop off and filter mode. I am still from that save.

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    Default Re: 1st save Whistler XTR-695

    Nice save,

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    Default Re: 1st save Whistler XTR-695

    Yeah, nice save man



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