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    Default Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    Whatever they did with these units the new whistler's continues to empress me. Got a very solid ka alert in town that went on for some time.

    Didn't see the "perb"

    Finally I get to a intersection where the signal start to increase a whole lot.

    Who was the villain?

    It was a police officer driving up from BEHIND me from a fair distance away !

    He took a left turn at the intersection and he was gone.

    Another "whistler moment"

    Do I get a tea shirt for this one Mike B? I'll take a soft case like whistler use to give out. LOL !
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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    You want to see a ton of Whistler SE videos you should check out my youtube channel - Griggja82

    Such as this one which is my best.
    ‪Whistler crushing 34.7 Ka I/O at night By Tx dps‬‏ - YouTube

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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    Thanks for the videos Jag.

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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    A Whistler hat and matching black T-shirt would be cool... hint hint.

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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    Yes it would be cool i wear large lol.

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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    whistler use to give loads of free bees away. Nice stuff too. I got me a whistler racing jacket some where.

    Team Whistler.."yes officer I drive for team whistler and that's why I was speeding. Have to keep in practice!"
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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    I was following a rabbit on Monday and I was running and older whistler pro 73 and it saved me. I use my Whistler Pro 78SE in my personal truck and the older model is running duty in my company vehicle. The rabbit passed my like I was standing still and I was doing 75MPH. I let him get about 1/2 miles in front of me. He must have been doing over 85MPH in the 70 zone. My detector alerted me when a bunch of cars came at him. All I thought was "this will be interesting". The second car was a HIghway Patrol and he quickly made a U-Turn and chased the rabbit. I quickly dropped to the speed limit. I watched the patrolman turn on his lights and chase the "vermin". He evidently had no idea he was being chased since he never slowed down or pulled over for quite a while. A few miles went by and I was thinking this was going to be a chase.....until he looked into his review and saw the patrolman. It was a few miles before he pulled over and the patrolman was approaching his car with caution.

    I love rabbits! BTW.....he was using I/O and I would have been dead without the rabbit!

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    Default Re: Whistle 78 Se continues to amaze

    I had another "whistler moment" the other day. I started to get a KA band signal that was confirmed 34.7 Looked all around for the policeman coming my way. I didn't see anything for a while and then a big suv came up behind me. I was still looking till I finally realized it was a state trooper in the suv ! The whistler had detected this police car from BEHIND me and a quite a far distance off too AND on a wooded curvy road !



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