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    Default K Band Traffic Sensors and Pro78SE

    Well I went ahead and jumped the gun and bought a Pro78SE even though we have those K band traffic sensors here in Ohio. I've been driving with it for about three weeks and I noticed a surprising difference been this unit and the XTR695 that I had a little over a year ago and got rid of as soon as the sensors started popping up. Running in filter 2 mode the XTR695 would give full blast alerts to these sensors for a couple of seconds. The Pro78SE only gives a single beep and a varying signal strength on the display, anywhere from 3/4 to full strength. Also it seems to ignore some sensors all together. The sensors I come across to and from work, about 25 miles each way, seem to go off every 15 seconds or so. When traffic is really slow, it's a good time to test them. I wonder if the addition of a filter 3 mode would help eliminate the alrts all together. Has anyone else had a similiar experience? Oh, and by the way, Ka band performance is terrific, with virtually NO falses. I'll check back later for any replies.

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    Default Re: K Band Traffic Sensors and Pro78SE

    Currently only the pro 3600 remote has a filter 3 mode.



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