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    Default 3450/3500 vs PRO 73/1793SE

    Does the 3450/3500 use the same technology as the PRO 73/1793SE, or are you simply paying for remote ability?

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    they do use the same technology and perform the same functions, however the applications they are used for differ. Remote systems enable the user to keep his radar detection system hidden from thieves and anti-detector cops, but range may suffer a bit due to lower mounting points. stick on radar detectors give you better range, but are more prone to theft and and a prick cop spotting it, however mounting it out of sight helps!

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    When mounting (on a truck), where would be the best places to mount the sensors? I would guess for the laser, somewhere just above the LP? How about for the Radar?

    If I were to get this, I have a brush guard I coul maybe hide them in, and it would put them right through car windows, but nearer to my LP.



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