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    Default Whistler Pro 78se strange 'slow' issue


    I have a Pro 78se, and it recently started exhibiting a strange issue. When i plug the device in, the text on the sceen would scroll accross slowly and the test sounds would also sound off slowly, id have to unplug/replug the device in a number of times until it would come up properly. Anyone have any similar experience or an idea as to whats happening ?

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    Only issue I've had is that the Alert Lamps will stay on sometimes. I usually just have to hit a button or press my button on my Intellicord to release them from staying on. I would keep an eye on it and then contact Mike B. Leave your unit plugged in all the time and use the power button instead.

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    Sounds like the crystal for the micro is running at half speed.
    It is used to operate the speed of the micro.



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