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    Default What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    I noticed the new XTR 435 on Facebook as being the latest new model out by Whistler. The only difference i notice is the Traffic Flow Rejection. Am I wrong or is there performance upgrades as well? I have been really happy with my 78se ( minus the annoying false alerts) and was hoping for a whole new platform and new design to purchase this year. Is this all there is new for 2012? I don't want to sound negative but was getting my hopes up for something big?

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    Default Re: What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    I have been holding off on buying a new V1 to see what Whistler comes out with. I hope it's soon. Cash in hand and ready to place my order!

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    Default Re: What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    From what ive read they have fixed the ka9 false alerts and added tfsr for traffic sensors.

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    Default Re: What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    New models are being released. The 543 just happened to be one of the first ones with TFSR as it was for a particular retailer.

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    Default Re: What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    Mike installed the new TFSR sensor on my 693se. So far it I found it doesn't false as much, but I still get some K/X band falses on doors and around banks. Some random ka bursts too. Though overall, it is a better experience than not having it.

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    Default Re: What's the story on "New" XTR-435?

    Thanks for the update MikeB. Looking forward to seeing the other releases. When can we expect them? I need to send my pro78se to Mike to have the TFSR put on it because I will use it as my travel detector in rental cars, because I'm in a different part of the country each week and it's nice to have one not knowing the area. (Mike if you ever need a tester in different areas of country im your man) But I will most likely buy new release if it's buck-a-wow for my Silverado.



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