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    Default Whistler 78SE Revisions

    I opened the case to look at the board on my 78SE. I noticed that it happened to say "78-SE/690-SE" Revision B.

    I know the 78 non SE had revision A, B, and C. Just wanted to know where Revision B sits in the scheme of things and if I have ended up with an outdated detector.

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    Default Re: Whistler 78SE Revisions

    The rev on the main pub does not determine the unit rev.

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    Default Re: Whistler 78SE Revisions

    Thanks, how can I determine what the revision is if you happen to know? Also, what revisions took place for the 78SE. I have heard a fair amount about A, B, and C for the 78 (non SE) but not a peep about SE revisions.



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