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    Default Remote placement for 3500

    My buddie just got the 3500. (on an 06' Titan) He showed me where he placed the sensors. He placed the radar just above his bumper. I suggested he move it higher so it could see through windshields, but the only decent place higher may actually be the very bottom of his dash, or somewhere in his grille. What would be the best for this?

    Also, the "instructions told him" to place the laser sensor behind the rearview mirror. From what I've read on this board, that is almost the worst place to put it(?). He should almost mount that down in his grille b/n the plates and headlights... right? Or at very least the bottom of his dash, looking out(?).

    I must say, the wireless remote head is pretty darn sweet, wouldn't know he had a RD if he didn't tell you.

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    Where ever you put it it has to be able to look through the other cars windshields. When it can look through the other cars windshields you have the most chance of improve laser or radar pick up. Figure if the rd sits up way high your above the cops cruiser. So keep it low on a big truck or suv if in a car keep it high or slightly below the rear view mirror. You might have to mount it around the grill area who knows. Plus since hes in such a big truck he needs to try to keep the most lowest of profile as hes and easy target. Make sure he trys to always leave somebody infront of him when he speeding down the road. Never be a lone ranger or eventually it will catch up with ya. I recommend putting a regular size car infront of his truck in the driveway and try to mount it so that you can see his rd from looking at the front of the cars driverside windshield. If you can see his rd from the car windshield the mount is perfect. Figure this going down the highway the rd might be able to look through several cars windshields ahead because of the position. Thats where the improve laser pick up comes from. And officer laser tends to wobble upwards more then downwards. So the chance of him shooting at the passenger windshield by accident is pretty darn high. Even if he's tripod the thing theirs still lots of wobble.

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    Can you ask your buddy to comment on the wireless feature? I posted another thread in this forum pointing to someone who had problems with it. I'm still trying to decide whether to go with the 3450 (wired) or the 3500 (wireless), and there's not much info out there.

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    He's not a forum person like I am, but I'll ask him and update. I do know that he had an issue when he first plugged it in, but he called whistler and they told him how to fix whatever it was, now it works fine as far as I'm aware.



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