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    Default Whistler Radar Detector Quiz

    Take The Quiz and Post Your Result.

    ps. one of our staff members got a 7 out of 10...not going to say who.

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    Default Re: Whistler Radar Detector Quiz

    So this is their way to get "likes" on Facebook?

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    Default Re: Whistler Radar Detector Quiz

    Radar detector Quiz - The Full Wiki Radar_detector 15|quiz Radar_detector 9|quiz Radar_detector 20|quiz Radar_detector 7|quiz Radar_detector 12|quiz Radar_detector 2|quiz Radar_detector 11|quiz Radar_detector 14|quiz Radar_detector 17|quiz Radar_detector 8

    took this quiz got 8 out of 10 i think its the same quiz?



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