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    Default No Display Pro 78

    I have a Pro 78 just took it off the shelf other radar detector died on me. Went to plug it in no display did do a reset but still the same issue it goes through the menu and all but really wish the display worked. Any ideas? maybe time to purchase another however it was working fine when I put it in my closet and have not touched it since. Maybe time to get a new detector was just trying to save some $$$. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: No Display Pro 78

    Send Mike B a PM. He is a tech for whistler that takes great care of customers. If you feel DIY open the device carefully and inspect the circuit board around the connectors to the screen. Here is what I did to my xtr585 to fix its screen...
    Preforming surgery on the Whistler XTR585 - YouTube



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