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    Default Just bought the CR85 and I'm new to RD

    Hey all I just bought the cr85 from amazon, and this is my first detector. I choose whistler from the research I did and this guy left a solid review on amazon.(he lives in metro ATL) I also bought whistler because of the accessories that come with the RD ( mounting bracket, hardwire kit, dashpad) and I heard their customer service is good aswell. Also I think ka max mode will benefit me in ATL.

    I can't wait to test it out, tell me what you guys think about the cr85. I heard people saying its the same guts as a pro78se but new skin.. Anyways it's my first RD and I hope I chose a good one.

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    Default Re: Just bought the CR85 and I'm new to RD

    keep us informed how you like it can you?

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    Default Re: Just bought the CR85 and I'm new to RD

    Hey the first night I had the cr85 I was stopped near an overpass at a stoplight and laser went off. From what I hear laser is rarely a false alert.. It went off for about 3 seconds until I turned the corner to get on the on ramp. I had no clue where the laser was shot from. I like the detector so far and I can even use my stereo remote and not trip my detector. I overall I like it.



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