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    Default Whistler Cr90 vs V1 Laser performance

    I'm moving to Kansas City soon, and understand they use KA band and Laser. I'm looking at either the Cr90 or the V1, and would like to make an informed decision before I purchase. I read Veilguy's review where he said the cr90 can beat other 500 dollar detectors, but does anyone have any comparisons between the V1 and the Cr90?

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    Default Re: Whistler Cr90 vs V1 Laser performance

    From everything I've read, the best lidar detector is a Valentine and the second is a Whistler CR90 (or 85).

    The problem with conventional detectors without jammers is that when they detect laser the odds are overwhelming that you are already targeted and will be caught, unless you are extremely lucky to pick up "splash" from the laser targeting another vehicle.

    I've lived in Missouri all my life, and I've been driving here since 1974. I quit running detectors for a few years because I don't usually speed,,,or if I do not more than a few miles over the limit. But I've recently paid $18 for a used XTR-335 Whistler from Ebay and I'm amazed at how far my basic Whistler detector picks up Ka band, which is used by the MHP and most larger city agencies, and it's performance on K band is also much better than the old detectors I was used to. I'm so happy with it I've just ordered in another similar, updated version of the same detector for only $30 as a Amazon Warehouse "Used-Like New" deal,,,the CR70,,,which has traffic flow signal rejection and may be slightly updated in other respects.

    I've never experienced a laser alert in rural Missouri. The threat outside of the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas is primarily radar, either Ka or K band. Even the lower end Whistler units do a fine job of detecting radar and the higher end "Rev C" units should do even better.

    Hope this helps.



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