For marketing really good, long range, usable radar detectors for under $100.

I've owned several radar detectors going back to the late 1980s. The brands were Whistler, Cobra, and Bell. All of them worked, and as they got newer they worked better on Ka band, especially.

But a month ago I bought a gently used Whistler XTR-335 from EBay for only $18.

I am astounded at how well this newer (Sept 2011) lower end Whistler works compared to all other detectors I've owned before. It picks up Ka band instant on bursts several miles away on straight roads. K band range may be less, but I've only seen K band used infrequently in small towns. No other detector that I've owned even approaches the performance of a basic lower end Whisler.

I realize this site is geared more towards enthusiasts . I have read the tests and reviews on this forum and on the various radar detector sites, and as a general rule you still get more performance the more you pay for radar detectors, or most other things in this world.

But thanks to Whistler for selling a good, honest, product that performs far better than I expected.

I've bought a discounted CR-70 for $30 and a new old stock XTR-658 for $37 my other vehicles and family members.

I only hope they work as well as my XTR 335.