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    Default Whistler Pro 78se review and radar testing 34.7 RedLine, 9500CI and Pro78SE

    • Great budget RD that preforms well for its price point and has some great features (2010 unit tested). Now replaced with the CR85-CR90.

    • - LASER SIGNATURE ID (LSID) Laser Identifier indicates the Pulses Per Second (PPS) transmitted by Speed Laser or other forms of laser sources. This alows you to identify what type of laser is being used. For example Ultralight has a pulse rate of 100pps-125pps depending on model. Stalker LZ-1 has a pulse rate of 130pps.
      - DETECTS LASER ATLANTA STEALTH MODE technology intended to defeat laser detectors
      - Ka MAX MODE improved Ka Band sensitivity
      - BLUE TEXT DISPLAY shows alerts detected, engaged modes and digital signal strength in text format (i.e. HIGHWAY or Ka9)
      - REAL VOICE ALERTS provide verbal alerts for modes selected and bands received, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road
      - ALERT PERISCOPES LED’s on top of the unit provide additional visual alert
      - 3 CITY MODES Helps reduce the annoyance of false alerts
      - 3 FILTER MODES provide additional signal processing to reduce false alerts caused by some radar detectors
      - SELECTABLE BANDS allow specific bands to be turned on or off
      - DIM / DARK reduces the illumination of the display.
      - QUIET / AUTO QUIET silences audio alerts
      - ALERT PRIORITY displays most important signal when more than one is detected
      - SELECTABLE VEHICLE BATTERY SAVER allows you to customize the automatic shut down feature

    Had a Ka 34.711 Radar drone dropped off by my house so i did some individual & combo testing of the RedLine, 9500CI and Whistler 78SE.

    Note: when ruining 2 RD's at the same time there could/will be interference delaying the alert of one or the outher, so take the results when run together with a grain of salt.

    Day time with 78SE and 9500CI, drone and LEO both shooting 34.7 (keep in mind the 78 interferes with the 9500CI):

    Remaining videos are at night, you can use the building on the right as a marker.

    78SE only:

    9500CI only:

    RedLine Only:

    RedLine & 9500CI simultaneously:

    When i ran the Whistler with the 9500CI there was noticeable difference in detection range with the 9500CI, totally hampering performance.

    You will see when you compare the whistler videos to the 9500ci videos that the 9500CI alerted way before the building, where the Whistler didn't until after the building. But the 78se did a very good job for an under $300 RD compared to $500-$2000 RD's.

    Original testing thread:
    Radar testing 34.7 RedLine, 9500CI and Pro78SE - Radar Detector & Laser Jammer Forum - RDForum - RadarDetectorForum
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    Default Re: Whistler Pro 78se review and radar testing 34.7 RedLine, 9500CI and Pro78SE

    Great video



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