Hello everyone,

I've had an issue before with my Whistler RD having the release button disappear into the unit and not latching onto the windshield mount any longer. Mike B was kind enough to repair it and had it back to me in short order.

I've since purchased and used another detector, and 'lo and behold, the same thing has happened again. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't mount and remove my detector too often....my car stays in the garage or a fenced in parking lot at work most of the time so I don't remove the detector in these spots. I wouldn't think it's been overworked from depressing the button too much. I don't think I'm over aggressive when taking the RD down, or pushing the button too hard to get the RD to release from the mounting tongue.

If you've had this issue before, have you been able to determine the cause of such a thing happening?