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    Default All is well again

    I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks at Whistler for maintaining excellent customer service. I had written a post previously entitled "Everything happens at once with Quality" and explained that I had two Whistler radar detectors that did not connect properly to the window mounts any more, and one with a blown speaker. I sent them in to Whistler and within 2 weeks I received them back with the mounting brackets working properly and the speaker repaired. I have always offered to remit monies for the repairs done, and in every case, the repairs have been done without charge. I even got a short note back saying that they had checked the tuning, too.

    I wish every company backed their products as well as Whistler does. Thanks again.....

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    Default Re: All is well again

    Sounds like a good experience. Dont we wish they all would go that way.



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