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    i always thought my rd was a piece of junkbut it actually saved me acouple of times yesterday. i was driving and i noticed that someone got pulled over and the cop left his radar on so i thought wh not test to see how good my detection is. i got a reading in the city near a sorta hilly area and it went off ka and about 1 mile i was pretty happy with the results. i was driving around later that day and it went off k so i slowed down becasue thats what the sheriffs use and as i slowed down from about 40 in a 25 to 27 in a 25 a sherrif pops out from behind a building and it saved me i don't think its that much of a piecer anymore.

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    cool glad it saved you. 1734 you might want to consider a upgrade down the road. Like the pro 58 is come down in price allot.

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    Almost a mile alert for KA band is most impressive for that unit.
    Glad it saved your butt.



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