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    Default Quality / Specs of a Whistler 1540 de1540 ?

    Can anyone give me any idea about the quality of this detector please?
    I purchased it quite a while back for around $100

    I am no detector guru and have had this for quite a while and would say it has worked well and saved me MANY times. However that is not a statement that can be accurately used as a guage of quality because I have NEVER used any other model of detector before or after this model.

    Will using one of the "newer" models of detectors featured on this forum blow me away like night vs day regarding quality, accuracy etc when I use it compared to my DE1540 ?

    If so, what immediate differences will I notice from a "newer" detector compared to this DE1540 ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That unit is over 6 years old, so based on technology alone you should upgrade to a newer unit.
    Whistler is always improving thier products.

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    Boomerman thanks for the quick reply but...... No insult intended to you.

    When I posted my question, I was very afraid that 100's of users would have replied to my question with a generic answer like this. The reason why I asked on this forum is because I truly think this forum has the BEST educated users of Radar Detectors that could give accurate answers using data through research, specifications comparisons etc.

    I am a scientist and have a very scientific mind and your statement needs to be backed up with some sort of logic, proof, data etc.
    Here is a link to the users manual of this DE1540 which has some specifications listed on the last few pages of the PDF. Can you make heads or tails of the specs and educate me how they compare to "newer" models and what real world benefits they would give me on the road?

    I've got many "older" electronics which far outperform some of the newer stuff. Some of the "older" stuff was built in a far superior way to the newer stuff where manufacturers today try to "nickel&dime" and cut every corner possible to shave a few cents off the manufacturing costs.
    I worked for Dell for 6 years and saw first hand how they will have specific research teams working for MONTHS on one mission to find out how much of this or that can be eliminated or "watered down" to save costs. Most of the eliminations that got implemented on Dell computers would be done even if it saved 5 or 6 cents off the manufacturing costs.

    OK. Back on topic.
    I can't accept the reasoning that simply because it is 6 years old that it is a piece of crap and I should go throw it out and fork out a few hundred again to "upgrade". I need a well educated or researched set of explanations or reasons for "upgrading" to a newer model.
    That's why I even asked for any researched data on exactly WHAT DIFFERENCE I would notice, if any, by purchasing a "newer" model.
    Doesn't make sense to me to upgrade a spend a few hundred if I get fancy "new" marketing features and the real "performance" increase goes up by maybe 5% if that much.

    Thanks again though Boomerman for the quick reply and please update again with any other pertinent data.

    Any others out there I also welcome and appreciate any input.

    Thank You,

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    Ok, so you want me to do your homework for you?? :roll:
    I never said your unit was a piece of crap.
    I can understand your concerns about companies cutting corners to make a product cheaper, DELL is the king of that with their LOUSY customer service that is located in INDIA.. well enough on that hahahahahhaa
    Computers are different than detectors, computers are built pretty much the same by all companies, you either make your own motherboard or you buy it from a company who makes them for you, you buy the cheapest hard drive from the manufacture that gives you the best price at the time, just like the video cards, sound cards and every other piece in the computer.
    At what point and time is there ever any research going on to make a better computer? It is not on the manufacture's end, they leave that up to the parts suppliers, such as Intel or AMD to make a better processor or Nvidia or ATI to make a faster video card.
    They just buy the parts in bulk and build the computer.

    The radar detectors companies have to do research to keep up with the changes in new guns that come out and to deal with filtering/falses.
    They cannot buy a "generic" motherboard and antennas and processors and make a detector.
    They are the ones who are designing the new units and testing new processors and chips.
    If they do not improve their technology they get left behind and eventually go out of business.
    Look at Fox Radar and fuzzbuster they use to be the big dogs years ago but they did not keep up with improvements and got behind and are now gone.

    Simple answers

    Antenna design changes thru the years, better antenna designs means better detection
    Newer and faster processors
    POP detection (your detector does NOT detect POP)
    Better filtering capabilities means less falsing
    Other trade secrets that help them detect better than other units.

    I am not saying you have to upgrade to a newer unit but there is a reason why most of us keep testing new units and buying them because we see improvements, and that is best proof you need.

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    Thanks again boomerman

    So, which "newer" unit do you think I should investigate?
    I'm looking to stay around $100.
    Is that feasable for a unit or do I have to step up to the $200 range?

    As you can tell, I prefer not to throw around money UNLESS the product is leaps and bounds better than the competition. Then I have no problem dropping a few C notes

    I just don't like paying for the hype or the in demand craze of whatever is "the hottest" stuff on the market at the given time.

    And yes.....thanks for helping me with my homework. I consider you guys the teachers in this field and me the student

    Thanks again. Any other inputs are very welcome.

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    I can understand you decision not to buy something newer just because it is the "newest thing".
    I have some older ele
    ctronics as well that I keep because anything that is out now is crap compared to how they used to be built.
    But with somethings you have to keep up or you will pay the price so to speak

    Your choices are going to be for the $100 range or a little more.

    Whistler PRO 58 or 73
    New Whistler XTR series (just now coming available), but has not been tested yet.
    Bel 795 (sold thru Radio Shack only)

    $200 range will get you bel 895 (sold thru Radio Shack only) or a used Escort 8500 or even possibly a used Escort 8500X if you are lucky. (ebay)

    For the money the Bel 895 at $200 is going to be your best detector.
    It is going to be hard to beat that unit for the money.

    What ever you decide please let us know and let us know how you like it.



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