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    Default Whistler 1734 Showing A 'P'

    Hello, I am new here and absolutely love this site.

    I have a question to ask. I have tried a search here and on Google to no avail, probably too many search results. But I have a Whistler 1734, not the best but perfect for around here where cows outnumber people. Two out of the three times I have been hit with Ka (its taken a year), the display just displays (what else would it do?) a 'P'. What does it mean? It doesn't blink or flash or anything, beeps though. I would have though its POP but not on that cheap thing.

    Any ideas?


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    That unit does not detect POP.
    It could be for pulse (instant on) but according to Whistlers instructions it does not mention the letter p as part of the alert.
    Here is what is says about the Pulse (instant on):

    Pulse (or instant-on) radar is more difficult to
    detect than
    conventional radar because it remains “off” until
    activated to measure the speed of a targeted
    When a pulse type transmission is detected, your
    Whistler detector sounds an urgent 3-second
    audio warning and flashes the Alert strength indicators
    at their fastest rate. After the 3-second
    pulse alert, the standard alert pattern continues
    for as long as the signal is present.

    Maybe in a newer revision they added the P and never changed the instructions to indicate that.

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    A lot of Whistlers do show P for pulse, i'd bet that's it too.

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    I can't remember exactly, but the P can actually mean two things, one is pulse and I can't remember the second meaning. It depends on the suituation. Oh, I think it meant programming was on or something.

    Yeah, I just looked at the instructions and there is no "P" on the display. But again, the manual could be out of date as mentioned by boomer

    Not be a smarta$$, but are you sure that you have a 1734?

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    Why don't I get a P when I'm instant oned? I get a 9/9 but not a P. I only got a P once on K band when going by a cop. Could it give me a P because the radar gun is sending out a pulsed constant on emission? Somewhat similar concept like pop, just not pop. POP 1990's style I thought it was.



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