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    Default How are you guys "Apptizing" your car?

    Just curious if you guys are using another smart phone or your in-use phone for your car apps.

    I was thinking about using YaV1 with my V1 on my Old Smart phone and when on a Road trip I would run Waze on my subscribed phone since it has an internet connection.

    As far as Yav1 goes, I would like my old phone to boot and launch the app each time I start the car since I do not have time for "Pre-Flight Checklists" of things to do before driving off.

    Anyone got this stuff integrated and auto-boot?

    Also, was wondering if anyone has tried integrating these apps with Raspberry Pi computer boards along with a mobile MiFi hotspot to get this all integrated.
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    Default Re: How are you guys "Apptizing" your car?

    I use my in-use phone, and a car dock that activates CarHomeUltra that provides quick keys and some auto set ups. I may try a separate dedicated phone, but for now this works fine.



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