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  1. Motorcycle Radar Conference
  2. Motorcycle Radar Detectors
  3. The H.A.R.D Syastem
  4. Mounting ideas?
  5. Overkill?
  6. waterproof detector?
  7. For Owners of Sport Touring Bikes...
  8. Vertical mount OK? RX65
  9. Veil on plastic headlights
  10. carbon fiber fairings?
  11. Valentine One - desire external audio output w/o $49 Adapter
  12. Super Protector for motorcycle - doesn't work
  13. Whistler Cruisader on Yamaha R6
  14. Hard to detect motorcycles unless close
  15. Cruisader?
  16. Roy's equipment saves the day....as usual
  17. Newbie questions
  18. SML 2005 Photos..........girls =)
  19. Sportvue MC2 testing.
  20. Hayabusa & blinder
  21. Anyone have pictures of their Ducati 999 with a radar mount?
  22. Whistler Cruisader on 2005 Kawasaki ZX10R
  23. x8500 Under the ferring
  24. just purchased the h.a.r.d. system
  25. RX65 RAM mount for motorcycle??
  26. 2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000 w/Escort SR7 + Shifters
  27. Motorcycle mount
  28. Permanent mount ?
  29. Whistler Cruisader/Radar Screamer ???
  30. Cruisader installed on 03 CBR954
  31. Highway or Auto function?
  32. Painted windscreen on my R1. Will I lose range?
  33. OK, I ride a scooter so what
  34. Waterproof Laser jammer
  35. any one mounted on a honda vtr firestorm/firehawk
  36. Can laser pick up sportbikes?
  37. New improved radar gun or well trained trooper?
  38. Tinted windscreens
  39. Has anyone ever tried one of these?
  40. radar screamer
  41. Cruisader questions
  42. Considering a Jammer (long read - but seeking advice)
  43. Someone help me!!! My x50 with MC2,H.A.R.D,and laser jammer?
  44. Cruisader radar antenna position?
  45. Interface Lidatek and HARD alert
  46. Whistler Cruisader REAL WORLD TEST done
  47. Canyon riding detectors?
  48. Devil Exhaust 15% with free shipping.. need 5 people
  49. x50 led mod?
  50. Better then Veil?
  51. Valentine 1 for Motorcycle: Good, Bad and Wacky? Please Help
  52. Tiny, Sideways, Coated, or Otherwise Obscured Rear Plate?!
  53. James Bond's Motorcycle: Price is No Object.
  54. Bel 946 (in pocket) VS. Escort Solo 2 (in pocket)
  55. for those that want to listen to music and..
  56. Solo S2 vs. Bel 946 on Motorcycles Ontario Canada
  57. Speakers in helmet for RD - options?
  58. New LE tool in New York
  59. speed trap alerts on a Motorcycle?
  60. Blinder installation on a motorbike
  61. Advice on a good low-profile setup
  62. i used that 3m velcro...not so good.
  64. External alarm lamp for ms use ????
  65. Smoke screen?
  66. bel rx-65 alot of problems
  67. Deciding to mount the detector behind a fairing
  68. RX-65 or 8500x50 for bike
  70. Oklahoma HP Motorcycles
  71. speed acquisition distance on a bike?
  72. Bel RX65 Not Compatible With The Hard System?
  73. ZX10R...
  74. v1 remote display problems with pics 06gsxr750
  75. HARD system: i'm missing the transmitter for it.
  76. Which colours/paints hardest for radars to pick up.
  77. If you have lazer jammer ,will police know?
  78. Does laser detector warning mean speed has been read?
  79. X50 + Motorcycle + Hardwire = ???
  80. Wire Radar detector on GSXR 600 06
  81. advice on setup??
  82. ear jack
  83. Lidatek LE 30 beeping
  84. Brilliant
  85. Funny near miss....
  86. ZX14R, WTF!
  87. Motorcycle riders
  88. Radar Screamer
  89. my roomie has a 05' ZX-6R Ninjar..laser jammer question..
  90. New 06 R1
  91. CB & Bikes
  92. Sad day.....
  93. Escort install on my Goldwing
  94. Laser sensor inside headlight ?
  95. Solid windshield on motorcycle & radar detector
  96. Stealth Wing
  97. LPP on ZX12
  98. Busa thoughts...
  99. blinder on honda vtr 1000
  100. Does anyone know...
  101. VIZALERT in production
  102. Question about iridium face shield and laser
  103. anti radar/laser MY FZR 1000
  104. Setup Suggestions? Detector, Mounting & Earphone etc.
  105. Anyone ever try this?
  106. Cruisader front and rear?
  107. Detector Audio / Earphones?
  108. This is a Great Idea for Remote Visual Alerts!
  109. How many laser detector heads on a sports bike?
  110. Newbie question about mounting Blinder and off switch
  111. Blinder head mounting thru windshield?
  112. Erractic display illuminations on a ducati ( Valentine)
  113. pulled over 76 in a 55
  114. Photo Reflectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. LPP and Vizalert
  116. Blinder M20 audio to bike intercom system question
  117. Blinder installed on somebody's bike
  118. 8K miles around the country with my BMW and V1 ... AWESOME!
  119. Help with X50 mounting on Ninja
  120. laser reading distance, black bike VS Kustom prolaser
  121. Escort 8500-X50 on CBR 900RR help
  122. 8500 behind plastic tinted wind shield ?
  123. vertical mount
  124. Need some advise on detector positioning/protection
  125. Autocom and Escort
  126. Pictures of your blinder install?
  127. radar reception behind carbon fiber fairing?
  128. V1 with Blue Tooth
  129. Moved to Laser forum
  130. Any suggestion for in ear custom ear phones?
  131. STi save from the rear on my bike
  132. Laser-sighted, double-barreled homing-device launcher.
  133. Latest BMW K1200S install (Blinder M25)
  134. queensland australia speed camera advice sought
  135. My ZX10 against the new Stalker Lidar
  136. Switch
  137. Are bike vibrations causing my Passport problems?
  138. how to conceal the STi ?
  139. laser protection
  140. LegalSpeeding.com
  141. Why bikers wave.
  142. New V1 and suggestions for HD FLHTCU
  143. Cruisader Review
  144. Biker Friendly
  145. Laser vs Bike with covered headlights?
  146. One idea for mounting RD on a sport-bike
  147. Solid Black Headlight covers for almost any bike!
  148. V1 on hayabusa
  149. Motorcycle Laser Jammer
  150. any one know if there is a better detector for a Harley
  151. TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector
  152. Building a Hardwire using all 4 RJ11 wires
  153. Blinder Output Signals
  154. Blinder Audio Alert through Intercom
  155. Bel STi Driver Radar Detector
  156. Motorcycle Jammer Control Box
  157. My FZ6 w/ RD setup
  158. Whistler Cruisader Install on CBR f4i
  159. New lidar camera vans to catch bad UK bikers (Video)
  160. TPX or Cruisader
  161. Why V1 not a good choice for bikes??
  162. Full face helmet radar system
  163. How to hook up an X50 to a R6? Present to brother.
  164. 9500i not loud enough on motorcycle
  165. Radar detector/laser Jammer for HD
  166. 8500, 8500x50 or Valentine?
  167. Radar Screamer ?
  168. I'm Bummed......
  169. Picked up my first biker today using a detector!
  170. Escort 9500ix install on Ducati ST4s
  171. Moto-Flash for bikers with LPP
  172. Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)
  173. Need some pointers
  174. Thought you guy's might get a kick out of this...180mph past a Leo and he did nothing
  175. Laser's One more time
  176. My setup
  177. project
  178. V1 for 08 gl1800
  179. veil helmet and gloves
  180. Vizalert and Escort 9500i ???
  181. connecticut rider looking for protection from laser
  182. Quick heads up to motorcycle riders.
  183. My bikes and how they're set-up
  184. Will a magnet interfer with my RD?
  185. I need help all the way around
  186. New here... Few Questions
  187. Passport 9500ci for...
  188. I need someone with a laser (LIDAR) gun, will pay for service. MA/NH
  189. Bel STi 360 degree protection?
  190. Radar detector jams motorcycle
  191. vizalert or H.A.R.D?? that is the question
  192. Mounting laser head behind windscreen
  193. Test Results
  194. Detecter and tank bag
  195. Sti R
  196. chatterbox xbi* with iCombi
  197. Changing lights on the Visalert
  198. Problem - rd going off almost non-stop
  199. Can I use the V1
  200. Escort 8500 X50 and Camera on my GSXR
  201. Video with laser false on motorcycle
  202. Tesseract audio mixer with V1=awesome
  203. 9500i and ZR3 on a Ninja
  204. Binder M27/Vizalert system Feedback?
  205. ZX-14 Protection
  206. Does Hi Viz clothing reflect or absorb laser?
  207. Blinder Install on BMW RT1200
  208. Input on placement?
  209. Can-Am Spyder ideas.
  210. DIY blinder
  211. Lazer and real success on your bike
  212. 9500ix on my Yamaha
  213. How About a Friends of LIDAR Meet for Motorcycles!
  214. ZR4 on Ninja 650r
  215. AutoCom Active Plus
  216. Body blocking radar with windshield V1 mount on SV650.
  217. New Bel and Escort Super cup
  218. Yamaha R6 & Rider M27 + Bel STi
  219. How and where to mount on a Buell Ulysses
  220. Does lean angle impact effectiveness of jammers on bikes?
  221. What is best mount for Escort Passport 8500 X50 on Harley FXDC Super Glide Custom?
  222. Sport Bike w escort 8500 x50
  223. TPX Laser Jammer
  224. Laser Interceptor on my motorcycle
  225. What RD to get for a bike question
  226. V1 electrical glitches on BMW
  227. Updating Rdier M27
  228. Adapatix TPX for motorcycles.
  229. Motorcycle Summer is one its way! What's your summer RD plans this year?
  230. M27 Blinder/Speed Cheetah
  231. Results?: Which RD for your bike this summer?
  232. best for bike?
  233. Motorcycle Radar Detector Mounts
  234. LEO and the two-wheeled speeder
  235. ? for all you electronic/technology gurus
  236. Escort and J&M CB
  237. Escort vs V1