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  2. Defective Radar Guns in Pennsylvania
  3. Speed Trap Town Dissoved
  4. Tacoma speeders had better watch out
  5. Arizona Highway patrol groups denouncing photo radar
  6. Judge voids speed trap's traffic tickets
  7. Mayor will veto red-light cameras
  8. LIDAR helping troopers build a better speed trap
  9. Cops Or Cameras??
  10. Dump truck used as hiding place by police setting speed trap
  11. New Scottsdale Photo Radar Location
  12. Photo radar unfair to car owners, legislator claims
  13. Police will use cruiser with mannequin in hot spots
  14. Goggle;s Bans Radar Jammer Ads
  15. Report Finds State Police Radar Works Properly
  16. Residents will stop speeders
  17. Airborne officer helps to nab aggressive drivers on S. FL
  18. Law to ban speed camera detectors - London
  19. Carefree accused of operating 'speed traps'
  20. New Laser Speed Patrol In IL
  21. Interesting site
  22. New Secret weapon to nail speedsters in AU
  23. Radar Roy in the NEWS!!
  24. Trapped - Info on Speed Cameras - How the Work
  25. French cash in with fines on radar trap detectors
  26. Forum...
  27. Drivers warned no let-up in police crackdown - AU
  28. 200 MPH Club: 2005 Ford GT, Lamborghini Murcielago, Mercedes
  29. Rocky Trying to Get Photo Cop in Salt Lake City
  30. Pa Local police radar use remains in limbo
  31. Police worried about public's reaction to radar problem
  32. Rather than fix, state cops nix radar flaws Memos detail cov
  33. Ban proposed on speed camera detectors
  34. Up to half a milllion motorists could face prosecution
  35. Loophole Allows Many Drivers To Beat Speeding Tickets
  36. Do the radar maths - Australia
  37. Government Admits Use Of Hidden Mobile Speed Cameras
  38. Orlando Police Unveil New Laser Speed Gun
  39. Radar Police Stumped by Parking Ticket
  40. Revenue for Washington DC
  41. Radar Detector Law VA
  42. Drivers admit speeding regularly
  43. Australia to Increase Radar Bands and Reduce Fine Costs
  44. Jailed Speed Camera Victim Hits Back
  45. Interesting story regarding Lidar from this weeks Wicklow Pe
  46. W00T for Virginia!!
  47. Say goodbye to radar detectors
  48. ANOTHER AUSSIE STORY...RADAR = 9 Demerit Points
  49. Some Virginia speed articles
  50. Police confusion over radio, radar not serious
  51. Laser-Equipped Detectors Zero In On Speeders
  52. Speedy Drivers Find Tools To Fight Back- Radar Roy interview
  53. Proposed ban of laser jammers in Illinois.
  54. New Zealand News
  55. Ohio getting rid of front plate??
  56. Radar Detector Sales Speed Up As Motorists Fear Ban
  57. Drivers With Radar Detectors Tend To Speed
  58. California Considers Statewide Photo Radar
  59. inventor says gatso flash timings are wrong!!! please read!!
  60. LTI 20-20 loses legal battle
  61. uk anti speed bill!!
  62. FYI...
  63. Time to upgrade your detector...
  64. 173 mph porsche driver in the clear!!!!
  65. bbc programe tests laser accuracy!! brick wall doing 58mph!!
  66. Appeals court says 'black boxes' in cars can be used
  67. wheelie bin gatso what band!!
  68. We are screwed! Undetectable Car Speed Detector Invented
  69. UK: Government fails to ban speed camera detectors
  70. Bill would limit radar detectors
  71. gatsometer's new loopless trigger radar!!
  72. New Laser Gun Being Used in Florida
  73. Undetectable Car Speed Detector Invented
  74. 2006 Impala Police Pack - 56k doom :lol:
  75. New Laser Gun Can Clock up to 900 Meters
  76. Car Air Fresheners MAY Save Lives...
  77. new stealth tracker radar gun!!!!!!
  78. 92.3 Extreme Radio Rover's Morning Glory
  79. Reducing speed to save energy cost.
  80. Speed and Redlight Cameras to be Installed in Cleveland!
  81. In Defense of the 55mi/h Speed Limit - ???
  82. Medina County (Ohio) Crackdown
  83. Aussies Rule
  84. Washington DC Reform Act
  85. I 71 SpeedingNews Report
  86. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
  87. Driver threatens to sue police at traffic stop...
  88. cop does 159 mph and gets let off!!
  89. Not So Fast on Red Light Cameras!!!
  90. Move to Ka in Ontario
  92. Pennsylvania registration and out-of-staters
  93. Super Lasergun
  94. International Law
  95. Radar Jammers illegal on Colorado
  96. A new way to incite UK motorists to riot...
  97. She should have had a better RD
  98. Weekly list of police radar areas...unbelievable
  99. Cleveland - more redlight cameras and speed detectors
  100. Surete Press Release
  101. Never Lock on to a Fighter Jet
  103. Police Radar Jammer Myths Debunked by a Retired Police
  104. Another reason to use a Detector....
  105. The record-holder for speeding in Berlin is...we don't know
  106. CHP showing ZERO tolerance on I-5
  107. Radar Record No 11.0 2005
  108. Tickets Must be Bilingual - Manitoba
  109. Bosch's Speeding Solution
  110. NSW : Speedometers vs. "Speeding"
  111. Radar Jammer Put To The Test
  112. Lawyer Aims to Jam Radar "Scam"
  113. Red-Light Cameras Come Down In Virginia
  114. Researcher puts brakes on speed-kills theory
  115. Forget cameras
  116. "... it is another way of scamming people out of their
  117. Ticket Fighting Gadgets: We test the latest devices ...
  118. Texas Plate Laws
  119. California installs Radar Drones
  120. Do Radar Jammers Really Work?
  121. Your car insurance dollars hard at work
  122. Montana Police admit quota..
  123. Port Orange FL PD uses laser
  124. Montana
  125. uk police cant use radar or laser in moving vehicles!!
  126. Lidars became illegal in Florida?
  127. UK ban on Radar Detectors - not for a while
  128. Possible Repeal of Virginia Law Re RDs?
  129. New Jersey Drivers beware!
  130. uk detector ban rams through this autumn!
  131. their reasons for the uk m4 camera vans!
  132. NJ bill to ban smoking while operating a vehicle.
  133. Arrest over speed trap 'jammer'
  134. No. Cali CHP using Lidar
  135. So. Australia budget to include lidar and cameras
  136. Scottsdale, AZ pushing for photo radar on 101 Loop
  137. new radar red light cameras coming to the uk!
  138. spec cameras record your speed over 28 mile road!
  140. 18 wheelers to stay out of left lane
  141. Australia - Speed Cameras
  142. Police car caused wreck
  143. Colorado highway "slowdown" sparks debate on tol
  144. Just read this tonight
  145. French man ticketed for 138km/h - Car can only do 120
  146. Wal-Mart Executive Serves Jail Time
  147. OPP Highway Rangers
  148. Speed Camera built into roadway
  149. Dropping Hammer On Jammers?
  150. Mobiles and motoring, just don't mix
  151. Gas price above 3 Dollars
  152. Shooting Radar From a horse!!! See pic!!!
  153. Longer Term Petroleum Picture Improves
  154. Space-age speed traps coming to Gainesville
  155. Are our Gulf Coast peeps SAFE?
  156. Fox New's Bill O'Reilly Calls for Sunday Boycott of Gas!!!
  157. Gatso parabolic radar
  158. Laser Atlanta Now ID's Jammer Type
  159. staffordshire safety camera partnerships work christmas day!
  160. Info on the "Cinémomètres" (Quebec)
  161. laser vans catch 100 cars a day, front page of local paper!!
  162. Minnesota new campain to enforce speed limit
  163. Corruption with a red light camera system
  164. What speed limit?!
  165. Still more insanity for UK drivers; Volvo speed limiters
  166. Virginia LEOs Stay Out Of New Jersey
  167. 200,000 tickets a year on ONE highway???
  168. FL FHP Operation Coast-to-Coast
  169. FL FHP Operation Hard Hat
  170. CA CHP Radar Awareness campaign in San Diego
  171. We can't afford gas, so let's set up speed traps instead!
  172. encountered a speed limit sign... extreamly low power.......
  173. mph enforcer k and ka band has pop mode!
  174. Hahaha
  175. Tracking Traffic with Cell Phone Data
  176. I can't drive....fifty five!
  177. Mesa, AZ, at it again
  178. laser vans infect the motorways
  179. Scottsdale finally pulls the trigger
  180. LTI 20 20 Proven FAULTY
  181. Good Tips!
  182. Kustom Eagle withdrawn in NSW ?
  183. Traffic Court in Ontario and Quebec
  184. Watch out on the 401 (& 402 403)
  185. Toronto Star
  186. UK's '24x7 vehicle movement database' begins
  187. A500 uk speed camera vans, bloke goes to court ..
  188. Australia : High profile advertising out of West Australia.
  189. uk government last year had £46 billion from motorist..
  190. 400 Tickets Thanksgiving week
  191. Big Brother One Step Closer
  192. daft villagers with bushnell radar gun!
  193. Deaths Up Despite Gatsos
  194. Lidar proven to be inaccurate? See all the news stories here
  195. Dead Man Driving
  196. Another Challange to Lidar in Florida
  197. Making it physically harder to speed (in Canada)
  198. Rogue drivers shoot at speed cameras
  199. a true story about a Multanova being destroyed
  200. Warwick City Pushing for Radar Cameras
  201. Prescott Valley police look into photo radar for Highway 69
  202. Lloydminster's , Canada Still looking at Photo Radar
  203. Scottsdale, AZ - Loop 101 to have photo radar in place 06'
  204. "Scotland" - Brakes may be put on speed cameras
  205. Safe Speed Truth finally emerging over ineffective speed cam
  206. San Leandro - Has 6 New - Red Light Camera Now Operating
  207. Charlotte County (Boca Grande) - Speed trap nets 23 drivers
  208. St. Peters, MO to vote on Red Light Cameras
  209. Charlotte,NC - Speed Camera Story
  210. New Vector 995 Road Pack
  211. Chief questions speed camera use
  212. Speed fines refund after blunder - A483 Wrexham bypass
  213. A Tribune Columnist talks about Veil, V1, The X50 & Blin
  214. Virginia Safety Advocates, Want Red Light Cams Back On!
  215. Warning signs slow cars better than cameras
  216. Missouri ,Sen files bill to ban cameras at intersections.
  217. Cameras accuse 2,600 of speeding
  218. Cameras milking it in Africa
  219. Washington State Patrol & Its Unmarked Cars!
  220. Tennessee Highway Patrol - to fire 4 troopers
  221. Aussie Police Disapointed due to speeding motorists
  222. More speed cameras for Málaga
  224. UK officers get photo tickets fixed? Say it ain't so...
  225. 6 Traffic areas clock up more than 1 Million by speed Camera
  226. Scotland - Cops get caught speeding on their own cameras
  227. Mesa P.D., adding, "Speed on green"w/ red light
  228. Your next speeding violation could be ticket to jail 25+ mph
  229. Collisions Increase at Some Stockton Red Light Cameras
  230. Mesa, Arizona Lowers Photo Radar-Trigger to 5 over vs 11over
  231. The town of Mount Carmel to install speed cameras by Nestor
  232. LANCASHIRE'S speed cameras have racked up £1m in profit!
  233. Anchorage, Alaska - Cameras catch red light runners
  234. £1.25m: speed cameras rake in big surplus
  235. Mississippi Counties:Rankin, Hinds and Madison to get radar
  236. Scottsdale, Arizona Refunds Nearly 2000 Photo Tickets
  237. Fines from speed cameras show huge disparities across Brit.
  238. Cameras catch red-light runners
  239. Radar signs target side-street speeding
  240. Off camera, red-light running rises in Virginia Beach
  241. 'Drunk' cop manned speed trap
  242. Glynn County Police Department gets Lidar! 1/4/06
  243. Another story of a Drunken Leo Chief Operating a speed trap!
  244. Scottsdale Prepares for Loop 101 Photo Radar; Expect Closure
  245. St. Christopher and Nevis Police gets Radar Guns
  246. SPEED cameras in Cambridge-shire Not Enough!
  247. 75% / 66 cams on Cambridgeshire's Roads have NO FILM!
  248. Málaga provincial traffic authority, say + effect from Cams
  249. Anger over 'speed camera lottery' across the UK
  250. Red-light camera plan advances - Springfield, MO