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  1. How does Laser Viel look?
  2. Welcome to the VEIL Forum
  3. Welcome Bob
  5. Photos of Veil on a license plate?
  6. VEIL ships improved product to Roy in time for the Holiday
  7. temperature
  8. VEIL just on plate?
  9. veil???
  10. Hmm....
  11. Clean and re-apply of veil
  12. One last VEIL question
  13. Why register?
  15. spoke to john at tiger lily about VEIL order
  16. W T F
  17. non-white plate
  18. Testing the veil at home...
  19. photo stopper + veil
  20. An Idea for Veil
  21. veil on acrylic plates?
  22. Applying veil....
  23. Veil on WHITE license plates?
  24. Consistency of Veil?
  25. Applying Veil on the jammer lens?
  26. semi OT: license plate paint
  27. Tips for veil...
  28. So how should VEIL really look?
  29. Updated multi-lingual VEIL site
  30. How to Get License Plates to Work FOR You!
  31. Veil from an airbrush. Good in theory, but...
  32. Washer fluid + veil
  33. Picture of LP cover
  34. Amen To Veil
  35. Veil Fest!!!!
  36. Curvy Headlights
  37. Longevity on glass headlights
  38. Veiled my plate only 8 times!
  39. Veil Application Questions
  40. VEIL available locally?
  41. VEIL's effectiveness on motorcycles
  42. Veil Fest Part II!!!!
  43. How many coats....
  44. Decoy front plate?
  45. Veil SHINES Like a Champ Today!
  46. Veil application directly to plate
  47. Ordered my VEIL
  48. Veil and Headlights Question
  49. Stongard protection and lasers?
  50. Using VEIL on fog lights????
  51. Motorcycle headlights
  52. Effect of (Veiled?) Bra?
  53. Wow that stuff is dark ;-)
  54. Diluted Veil?
  55. Applying VEIL: For first-timers
  56. Veiled Super Protector plate cover. What if?
  57. Application question
  58. Stealth Question(white car) W/ Pics
  59. Black bumper
  60. Pictures...
  61. Flaking
  62. How to Pronounce VEIL
  63. Veil Film??
  64. Question About VEIL & California
  65. Anyone interested in going in on thirds of a can of Veil
  66. Hello to everyone from SEMA IAS - Atlantic City, NJ
  67. Lasered
  68. Temporary Veil Alternative
  69. Veil on clear plastic
  70. Would this help?
  71. Photocopied plates method Tested w/ pics
  72. Weather and Veil
  73. Veil and headlight sprayers...
  74. Veil on plastic
  75. Viel on headlights under a clear protective film?
  76. Applying Veil
  77. Veil on Laser Shield
  78. Applying Veil to the plate, or the plate cover?
  79. Bone To Pick With Veil Guy
  80. Does this make laser any more difficult?
  81. Life Shelf of Veil
  82. Veil - Upgrade headlights to compensate?
  83. veil on foglight's question
  84. How 'bout laser shield + Veil?
  85. Where to buy Veil?
  86. Need veil on back window?
  87. New guy with a couple quick question
  88. How to remove VEIL?
  89. uh ohhhhh
  90. Flaking problems with Veil on the headlights?
  91. Rubbing out Veil?
  92. Updated VEIL Product
  93. Veil and laser shield lab tests
  94. Veil + Plexiglass + laser shield
  95. DFW Veil group split a can??
  96. Safe for paint?
  97. Anyone have before and after pics of Veil Application?
  98. Can Size!
  99. Anyone interested in Group Purchase of Viel and Laser Shield
  100. More testing copied plates w/pics
  101. Veil saved my butt last night, thanks veil guy!!!!
  102. Veil needed on the bolts?
  103. Even with a jammer, get some VEIL
  104. Appying VEIL to Laser Sheild *PIC*
  105. Few ?'s - Veil & Black Bra
  106. Rapid Flaking - Plastic vs Glass
  107. Would you buy VEIL if your laser jammer didn't need it?
  108. I musta screwed up
  109. How long does Veil last?
  110. Radar Wax??
  111. Why buy veil?
  112. Veil and flat front bumper
  113. Not sure where this goes???
  114. Veil and Laser Shield
  115. Applying Veil Question
  116. Veil applied to headlights' plexi (with pics). Comments?
  117. photocopy plate with VEIL/Lasershield *vs* VEILED plexi PICS
  118. Cop checks out my Veil!
  119. Congrats Veil Guy!
  120. DFW Veil split?
  121. Amount of Veil applied affects lidar accuracy?
  122. Extra veil
  123. Viper veil question
  124. What shold i buy first a Blinder m20 or VEIL?
  125. Here is how to Apply VEIL *VIDEO*
  126. Veil and Legality
  127. A couple questions on veil
  128. Veil and Phot Stopper
  129. Veil comes off easily?
  130. Moving LIDAR?
  131. Veil
  132. Anyone got some EXTRA Veil?
  133. Can I keep my foglights?
  134. this will probaby get me banned......
  135. It rained after I installed VEIL
  136. Veil and laser shield? Or just Veil
  137. My Veiled Car **PICS**
  138. Veil doesnt work!
  139. Veil vs headlight cover
  140. Putting Veil on a new vehicle
  141. Lazer Shield plastic coated with veil ????
  142. Ticket for having Veil on the car
  143. Veil Pictures
  144. Veil Test?
  145. veiled mustang
  146. laser sheild? veil? photocopy?
  147. Would Veil still work after a sloopy application?
  148. Car Wash
  149. Just Paranoid....
  150. Product registration
  151. Veil doesnt stay
  152. VEIL Coming off from High Powered Washes....
  153. question for veil guy
  154. Veil still effective on cars with DRL?
  155. My first veil experience
  156. I like to think we all have equal rights...
  157. 3m protective headlight film on headlights
  158. Spray application?
  159. Any adhesive films for license plate instead of lasershield?
  160. Laser Shield Or No Laser Shield
  161. VEIL on motorcycle with radardetector behind the wind shield
  162. Question for the veil guy and veil users
  163. pics of my VEILed car in Hong Kong
  164. Testing Veil with rangefinder
  165. Veil Pictures
  166. Where to apply? Besides headlights, that is?
  167. Bug Screen
  168. Veil that rear?
  169. Colourless VEIL?
  170. Protection from veil
  171. will Paint reduce lidar effectiveness.
  172. for how long ?
  173. Windsheilds
  174. effective range of veil
  175. Where can I obtain a can of Veil
  176. Clear Bra with Veil incorporated
  177. laser shield in wisconsin?
  178. Light Output
  179. test with veil, lasershield and vehicle bra?
  180. How to tell Veil Works?
  181. VEIL on my license plate doesn't work!
  182. Done the IR NightShot Test for Veil and LaserShield!!!
  183. Revised VEIL Website
  184. Veil, Laser Shield, Photo Shield-
  185. got my LS and veil today
  186. I think my VEIl worked today
  187. veil coming off :(
  188. Anything new?
  189. Veil saved me twice in one day
  190. Veiled my Laser shield... DOH!
  191. Daylight running lights and Veil!
  192. Applying Veil in cold weather...
  193. is this going to be a problem without VEIL?
  194. Laser Absorbent materials that pass Visible light, do a test
  195. \\\\\\\\ License plates, Veil, LaserShield questions ////
  196. New Idea (Do Not Steal My Idea)
  197. The rest of my veil needs good home
  198. VEIL/LASERSHIELD Question
  199. 3M adhesive film
  200. Does Veil need to be on angled headlamps?
  201. With Both Veil and Laser Shield...
  202. Veil Guy's Weblog
  203. is my veil the old darker version
  204. how much veil?
  205. Veil videos
  206. Two years old and still going strong...
  207. Veil & Blinder Story in The Albuquerque Tribune
  208. how come most veil testing videos
  209. New Version of Veil in Development?
  210. Veil needed? / Right for me? and more
  211. Reflectivity Cutting Down
  212. Veil a Rental?
  213. Just for the Veil Guy
  214. Any options for a Ford F650?
  215. Just Veiled my Plate
  216. j/w but how much...
  217. Black specks and running look will it go away?
  218. Episode on Myth Busters that proves this stuff DOES NOT WORK
  219. Uh oh! I forgot to shake the Veil can...
  220. finally got lasered with my veil & lasershield
  221. Still Going
  222. I found the secret to removing Veil!
  223. Applying Inside the headlight glass
  224. VEIL in cold areas
  225. volvo grill
  226. Bye bye Veil
  227. Veil-Proof Laser Gun ?
  228. I Veiled my tail!
  229. To Veil, or just go active? (I won't do both)
  230. Bling Bling
  231. Pics & Questions of Veiled HIDs/Fogs on BMW M3.
  232. New veil application technique?
  233. veil headlights
  234. Why do leos aim at the headlights?
  235. Veil cracking and chipping away :(
  236. Headlight Covers Veiled!
  237. VEIL - before and after photo?
  238. To Veil my Tail or not?
  239. How would I Veil this????
  240. I bought the Veil & LS Combo!!
  241. What is it that makes it work on headlights? *Clearbra*
  242. Greetings. Question about coating headlights.
  243. Should I veil an SUV?
  244. Any problems with Veil legality?
  245. Getin the Veil on Thursday!!! Gigity Gigity Gigity OH RIGHT!
  246. how would veil look on this truck?
  247. I Got it and here are the results
  248. VEIL Discount Code
  249. New to Forum with Triumph bike and Curious About VEIL in NY
  250. VEIL on a license plate