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  1. Effectiveness of M-10 vs M-20/M-40
  2. Blinder M30 xtreme?
  3. M20 Xtreme or M40 Xtreme?
  4. Blinder Laser Jammer
  5. jamming codes
  6. Rear mounting location?
  7. Laser n00b question
  8. WILL BE TESTING THE BLINDER M20 Xtreme and V1.............
  9. question about blinder alerts
  10. BUYING MY M-40 or m-20 FROM ROY??
  11. Blinder Questions
  12. Blinder Requirements?
  13. M-20 + Veil
  14. Replacement lens
  15. Blinder Experience
  16. One last blinder question....
  17. M-20 vs. M-40 for a ford ranger
  18. M20 questions?
  19. blinder mo6 hp jammer
  20. blinder lens replacement
  21. Anyone ever been pulled over for any reason when using m-20?
  22. Blinder placement on a '99 Mazda Miata
  23. Where to mount Blinder on 02 cavalier
  24. mounting m-20 behind mesh grille?
  25. m40 chicago?
  26. Any info on new M100?
  27. Welcome Blinder Dude!
  28. Testing blinder
  29. M20 with my Civic Pics
  30. Good way to test the blinder...
  31. blinder upgradeability?
  32. blinder questions for the rep.
  33. lidatek vs blinder
  34. "Semi permanent" installation???
  35. M20 With my SUV
  36. can monitors be too close?
  37. need pic of display
  38. blinder vs blinder extreme
  39. Would Blinder defend against 2 guns at once?
  40. Replacement Lens
  41. Blinder rear sensor and jammer
  42. blinder m20 x-somebody help me with an opinion please......
  43. Blinder pictures/help
  44. coverage of a blinder unit
  45. blinder m20x against lti ultra lite
  46. Where to mount Blinder on my car?
  47. My m-20 working?
  48. Another "Where Do I Mount My Blinder?" Thread
  49. Scuffed Lenses
  50. "JammerTest" said m20 didn't jam 'Atlanta(stealt
  51. I need to test my blinder!
  52. *Email* Blinder vs Atlanta Stealth
  53. blinder laser jammer tests
  54. EVO 8 Blinder M-20 Extreme + VEIL
  55. Blinder Installers in Chicago Area (Western Suburbs)?
  56. BEST Double Sided Tape?
  57. Blinder M20 software updates?
  58. JTW Blinder M20 vs LA Stealth mode?
  59. Great day!!
  60. blind faith and blinder m20x
  61. Where to mount on a 2000 Audi S4?
  62. Blinder M20 Extreme differences?????
  63. Tested punch through on my m-20
  64. Blinder wiring
  65. Blinder Could Cause a Car wreck???
  66. Question about Palm Beach Gardens offices
  67. Whats the Diff M-20 and the M-10 Twin???
  68. Blinder M20 rev. number roll call
  69. Will a Blinder work behind glass?
  70. Ticket Re-embursement
  71. Arizona DPS Buys 20 Laser Guns
  72. Converting M-20 to M-40...
  73. Another Where the hell do I put the Blinder Thread
  74. Blinder Installed w/ Veil on headlights
  75. Testing different versions of Blinders
  76. Anyone know of any shop in Kansas City that sells Blinder?
  77. Rear Transponder - Where on S2000 ?
  78. Level or what?
  79. Is there always a punch through ?
  80. New review: Blinder M20 Xtreme vs Stalker LZ1
  81. Blinder install in 04-05 TL?
  82. New blinder test at SML
  83. Blinder Installation
  84. My 3rd Transpoder Not Working
  85. Got a Punch Through at 81 Feet
  86. SUV Punchthrough at 177 feet
  87. Vertical transceiver mount?
  88. Blinder 05/29/05 Test Results
  89. Blinder transceiver install locations on a Dodge Magnum?
  90. Blinder vs Laser Mimic
  91. Blinder Bashing
  92. Veil+Blinder necessary?
  93. Something wrong with my Blinder/car/install
  94. Ever consider reverse-engineering escort...
  95. "Mute" wire on Blinder?
  96. how hard is the install?
  97. locations for transceivers (pics)
  98. special care washing car w/ blinder?
  99. does it alert when sumthing is wrong?
  100. Have Money saved, should I buy now?
  101. Honda CRV mounting
  102. Blinder 1 Illinois State police 0
  103. Eye Safe Blinder-m20 How Safe ?
  104. Highest blinder version made?
  105. My blinder install, is it good? (pic included).
  106. Hey Guys,New to the Forum,just wanted your opin..(Updated)
  107. Life expectancy of a M20?
  108. Whishing Feature M-20
  109. Do you need veil if you have M40 all in front on a small car
  111. Blinder Rev #
  112. Whats an M-30
  113. Whats is the method
  114. Blinder tester - any word yet?
  115. Virginia Legal Questions
  116. Fake blinder?
  117. Blinder T-shirts
  118. Blinder's functioning speed
  119. Blinder M-06HP old model?
  120. Device for triggering Blinders for testing....
  121. Mounting on a motorbike
  122. Blinder marketing claims vs. SML 05' and amateur testing
  123. Laser Shooting Question to be addressed!
  124. Where to Mount the Blinder on a BMW Z4?
  125. Help with Laser Jammer Install on Ferrari
  126. Blinder possibly not working
  127. Radartest test results out !!
  128. Concealed install suggestions?
  129. S4 blinder
  130. Where to Mount Blinder M-20?
  131. Purchasing more tranceivers
  132. Blinder install front and rear on full size truck
  133. Blinder on a WRX
  134. Any advice on install of blinder m20?
  135. Difference btwn M20-X and M40-X?
  136. Advice on mounting location (MINI Cooper S)
  137. Ontario Laser : Which Brand/Model for PPO
  139. Blinder Questions
  141. Bel 985 detected Laser, Blinder didn't?
  142. Effiency : m-20 : Closer to headlights : Better ?
  143. Noob questions (PLEASE share your wisdom!!)
  144. Blinder M-20 in Nissan Maxima
  145. MD installers??
  146. Blinder M20 extreme installed 2005 Tacoma
  147. saab install
  148. Can I remount w/o ruining transponders ?
  149. sorry... one more "where do i put it?'...
  150. Why does this happen to my blinder
  151. Authorized Blinder Installers?
  152. repeat laser shots
  153. Blinder M-20 sufficient ???
  154. Wire cut!
  156. M20 Install on Tahoe SUV
  157. BLinder came through in a HUGE way
  158. BLinder m20
  159. Laser Jammer tester
  160. Double sided tape.
  161. Blinder stories. Real world.
  162. New to Blinder M20
  163. Punch Through :(
  164. newb with blinder ??
  165. blinder and x50 install question
  166. Two more tansponder heads.
  167. Is Blinder Upgradable? How?
  168. Blinder M20 Install on Saturn Sc2
  169. The Blinder Prototype tested at SML is coming out.....
  170. Blinder false alert today?
  171. Chrysler 300C aftermarket stainless grille
  172. Fix for new LA Atlanta gun?
  173. Should I return my M20
  174. Blinder Not Jamming L/A Stealth laser
  175. Stop. Relax. Breath. Calm down about LA Stealth
  176. a call to stop the blinder abuse
  177. Blinder Setup on Saturn Vue
  178. Laser Guns used in New england
  179. Why not?
  180. How di I disonnect my blinder to send my in for the upgrade?
  181. M-20 Blinder TILTED! Still effective?
  182. Buy blinder Now or Wait until new model comes out
  183. M-10 Blinder
  184. Blinder question for my motorcycle
  185. Selecting a laser jammer and Guys of L.
  186. M-20 Install on RX8
  187. laser atlanta in Massachusetts
  188. Should I sell my M-20?! USELESS NOW?
  189. Laser jammer falsing???
  190. Called Blinder USA about fix
  191. Laser Jammer Installation
  192. m-20 on Jetta 2001...
  193. Big mistake by Blinder Dude?
  194. new rear led blinder?
  195. G35 coupe and Blinder
  196. M20 X-treme and 8500 X50
  197. Blinder Upgrades
  198. '94 Fleetwood combo?
  199. A couple of questions. M40 on Hilux in South Africa
  200. Mounting Suggestios and Firewall access on a C6 Vette?
  201. Adding Additional Heads
  202. ZR3 Customer Service/Blinder Start-up Test Tone?
  203. What is stealthmode??
  204. Blinder M20 Xtreme Not working
  205. head size
  206. new blinder release date?
  207. blinder positioning on car? i'm new to these things
  208. Good Blinder Installed in S. FL (Miami/Ft. Laud)
  209. Just installed Blinder. Green/Red interior light not working
  210. Stealth Model
  211. is it time to buy a blinder
  212. Night Vision Pic/Video Showing Blinder Heads In Action
  213. Audi Lights Set Off Blinder
  214. Is Blinder USA OK after Wilma???
  215. Blinder Install '99 Cavalier
  216. Install location on my Civic.
  217. blinder illegal in Ontario, Canada
  218. How to determine which model I have
  219. Legality of a laser jammer
  220. Blinder Dude. Revision question for ya.
  221. Guys of Lidar
  222. Constant High Pitched Whine from speaker - Blinder M40
  223. Blinder resetting itself weird invervals...
  224. Next Gen Blinders
  225. blinder prototype from GOL shootout?
  226. new m-20 resets after first 30 seconds
  227. civic installation pics
  228. !st time lased, Blinder M20 worked
  229. Blinder Installer Recommendation in Dallas/Fort Worth Area
  230. blinders tested with stealth mode?
  231. Lotus elise?
  232. M20 or M40?
  233. Blinder Upgrade
  234. How and why does the blinder work?
  235. New idea to help mount ? ! ?
  236. m20 or m40?
  237. Error code?
  238. Blinder location on Lexus GS400
  239. Blinder mounting system on ebay?
  240. New and Improved Blinder at CES this Week???
  241. a single blinder head on its own?
  242. blinder mount bracket question
  243. Anyone install Blinder M 20 or 40 themselves?
  244. Lased at the friggen arrival terminal-BWI
  245. Blinder Exchange/Swap
  246. Does the Blinder laser Jammers Block Other Radars?
  247. installation in northern va or md
  248. Blinder on a hayabusa
  249. Well it is official...My Blinder is dead.
  250. ok to use constant on 12volt for power