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  1. How Much time in your life have you saved by Speeding?
  2. Left Lane Lovers : what to do ?
  3. Speed Ticket Survey by state
  4. Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?
  5. Would you respect an 85 MPH posted speed limit on rural interstate highways?
  6. Something to think about.......
  7. Rockslide Western NC
  8. Rules of Speed
  9. Cops think Trapster is illegal (read their thread on it)
  10. Device to help people drive better?
  11. People who can't find the dim switch.
  12. Inform LEO of CCP or Not?
  13. US DOT Report Confirms Speed Not Major Accident Cause
  14. KAT Matrix accelerometer
  15. Ouch! Somebody wasn't paying attention...
  16. Do truckers call on the cops?
  17. Truckers and Merging
  19. The "What I saw a LEO do today" thread
  20. Question for TN residents or LEO's that may be on here please
  21. The Holidays Are Over; Is the Enforcement Blitz Over, Too?
  22. LEO as a Rabbit?
  23. georgia law - officer letting leave the scene at higher speed ticket?
  24. Rabbit use in city driving.
  25. Written Traffic Warning
  26. Its getting to the point I cant speed.
  27. Snow Blind
  28. What to do in this situation?
  29. Watched while eating
  30. It might interest you
  31. an "implied" stop sign?
  32. Someone out there has to be in the video game business. Build us Simulator!
  33. Who says I need a drivers license anyway?
  34. The 19 most complex & dangerous roads in the world
  35. Are you or have you ever been a LEO that does/has enforce(d) traffic laws?
  36. Speeding Tricks & Tips???
  37. How Fast on a Highway?
  38. An idiot
  39. Guess how fast I'm going and IO encounter...
  40. What the heck makes my RD scream on the 101 Fwy in Ventura?!?!
  41. Getting out of a ticket?
  42. How many accident "close calls" do you have
  43. Tinted windows and pacing
  44. Super Speeders Could Pay Super Fines
  45. Got Pulled
  46. Enforcement on Google Street view...
  47. I know I say there's a ton of idiots driving but...
  48. Poll: What Do You Do In This Situation?
  49. Police Contacts
  50. Traffic School 'chat'
  51. What is your speeding Threshold?
  52. Speeding cushion dwindleing
  53. Top 10 speediest states
  54. Interesting warning by LEO
  55. Trucker Eejuts. 3 x Videos + Poll.
  56. Grannies vs Teens: Who’s Scarier on The Road?
  57. runnin from leos
  58. Increase in the RICH getting pulled over?
  59. Videos of shame - bad driving
  60. driving in the rain and hydroplaning. scary.
  61. Utah drivers - caught on tape
  62. Anyone driven in England?
  63. Another "Looks Cool, But WTF Would I Use it For?" iPhone App
  64. People who don't appreciate being let on the highway
  65. Penis size and speeding inversely correlated?
  66. Gained a little faith tonight...
  67. Do Cops Primarily Radar Or Laser On Freeways?
  68. The flow of traffic in cali is scary.
  69. My friend got pulled over for driving 5 PSL and got a ticket?
  70. Rail crossing from hell.
  71. U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta
  72. Always keep your eyes on the road
  73. What general times are speed traps most prevalent?
  74. Road Trip- What to expect?
  75. Well ya don't see that every day....
  76. Really? I mean Really?
  77. Near miss Semi vs SUV on interstate
  78. Attention Ohio residents!
  79. Video: MSP Speed Enforcement during Rush Hour?! CB Chit-Chat
  80. Failure to Yield... You have got to be kidding me!!
  81. Video: Get me out of Massachusetts..
  82. Truck lays down bait and attempts to eat an suv
  83. Driver's sense of entitlement.
  84. Trip to Buffalo from the east
  85. Countermeasure against VASCAR
  86. Video: CB Chatter and VASCAR Lines
  87. What's worse than a left lane cruiser?
  88. Typical complaint.
  89. Picture for those who live in Southern California who travel the 405 frequently...
  90. Safety versus Revenue
  91. Merge-Impaired Moron
  92. Video: RI State Police and MSP on the Pike
  93. For my fellow members
  94. Video: Another day, another dangerous driver.
  95. In and around Wash DC: best route
  96. Car Safety vs Driver Skill
  97. Front IR camera
  98. This would go great with blind spot systems
  99. looking(lurking) for more input...
  100. Invalid "Your Speed" Sign
  101. WTF Deja Vu
  102. friend's 9500i owned by k-band.
  103. business owners harboring speed traps
  104. MA Staties using new guns?
  105. Cleveland put K-bad transmiters along higway every couple miles
  106. Charlotte NC to Orlando FL
  107. Funeral Escorts
  108. Are any of you familiar with traffic enforcement on I-40 in Lebanon, TN?
  109. Road Trip to from NYC to Columbus, OH in August
  110. Is Speeding REALLY that Dangerous?
  111. Out-of-State Douchebags
  112. This is Why You Should Never Lollygag While Passing
  113. A Sad Commentary on Our Society
  114. Bee Careful! Ontario & Quebec
  115. MFFYs Everywhere
  116. railroad crossings
  117. Vid: Wheelies on the freeway.
  118. A reflection about speeding
  119. Fastest speed at which you survived an accident?
  120. Just Curious....how many tickets issued for 5 mph or less over PSL?
  121. Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Outta My Hat
  122. Road game
  123. Artificially Low Speed Limits
  124. LL Hogs/Madness *Video*
  125. Is this fast enough, or maybe too fast?
  126. Lane Splitting Yamaha R1 in Russia
  127. Deregulated Roads: The Netherlands Experience
  128. Fed GPS tracking device
  129. 3 more madness close calls..
  130. If you get a ticket crossborder does your insurance company find out?
  131. Buddy gets pulled over for 73 in a 70 by Tx dps
  132. Now it is stop signs too
  133. T Minus 4 Seconds...
  134. The Ultimate Carpool Lane Dummy?
  135. Think of it as Road Karma in Action
  136. German tourist gets pulled over for 98 in a 70(Video)
  137. Watch where you're going
  138. What's Your Highway Cruising Speed / Gas Mileage?
  139. AZ holds up OH renewal from 19 years ago for $10!
  140. 100mph+ and No Conviction!!
  141. Rabbit got PINCHED! (NSP)
  142. Cops pull over some 100 luxury cars, write 30 tickets
  143. Shifting before a turn.
  144. Thanksgiving traffic ticket guide.
  145. Better late than never...
  146. Is This A Speed Camera That You Can Live With?
  147. 10 best and worst cars for tickets
  148. Navteq acquires Trapster
  149. Police officer driving/typing on computer rams a 74yr-old motorcyclist.
  150. iPhone app called DriveMeCrazy, which allows you to digitally jot down a license plat
  151. Rabbit Situational Awareness Fail of the Month
  152. Don't post on YouTube if you are going to speed like a maniac
  153. How do you usually deal with tailgaters who can't be faster than you? (rant)
  154. Lowered Speed Limit
  155. HD camera for car???
  156. Clueless driver
  157. Green light? meh good enough
  158. left turn to the right
  159. Reckless speed on ice
  160. Plow truck makes U-turn in intersection (Video)
  161. First decent use of rabbit caught on cam
  162. Advice Request; Son got ticket in VA, lives in NC
  163. NC speed laws?
  164. Van gets a toyota gas pedal retrofit
  165. Speed kills check this guy out!
  167. Medical "exemption" for my CA window tint.
  168. Nice EYE save from Red Light Ticket!!
  169. Almost didn't see them...
  170. WTF are you kidding me?
  171. gwinnett county-GA cannot use laser or LIDAR
  172. More rabbits on the way!!
  173. Anyone else notice people are driving slower as result of the gas prices going up?
  174. Ride-A-long!!
  175. PA State Trooper doing +28 MPH over, in a 40 MPH zone (Video)
  176. Female drivers
  177. Scanner fun...
  178. Waste of resources...
  179. America's worst commutes...
  180. Typical VA driver.
  181. Does this frequently happen to anyone else while driving..?
  182. It happens over here too!!!
  183. So I saw this school bus....
  184. Roundabouts - Near Miss
  185. Dualing Roundabouts
  186. Two Road Hogs in a Row
  187. Annoying
  188. Awesome Heads Up. Yeah, there are still good drivers left out there.
  189. Now Hit Me
  190. This is a cute Maneuver
  191. Idiot blows through a red light (video)
  192. Irony
  193. Durango cuts me off twice.
  194. Rabbit owned by pacing & SUV nearly flipped
  195. Correct Steps to Dispute a Ticket???
  196. Zig-zagging Weaver Busted! Hooray
  197. Don't Forget to Buckle Up!
  198. WTF Driving Moment 5/22/11 video
  199. motorcycle driver
  200. Stop Sign Runner has Reasonable Request
  201. Troll leo makes a traffic jam
  202. Fake Police Lights
  203. Speeding Exceptions (due to emergency)
  204. Did a 360 on the highway yesterday
  205. vacation rant
  206. Driving While Cop
  207. Problem with Police Delivery of Testimony
  208. Best Way to Avoid Traffic?
  209. Interesting Facts
  210. What is best speeding speed on freeway?
  211. Cobra User Ignored Alert
  212. lidar ticket with 3000ft.
  213. Capture speed and violations of Traffic Police
  214. Driving from Montreal to Destin Florida, I90, I71 and I65 report?
  215. NY to NC I-95
  216. What is The Average Over-The-Speed-Limit Threshold?
  217. RADAR and LAZAR Detectors DON'T WORK...I heard it from the cops so it MUST be true
  218. Lucky Day
  219. Two Funny JustForLaughsTv Cop Videos
  220. I see the value of GPS now
  221. The importance of reconnaissance
  222. To pass or not to pass???
  223. Can a LEO break the law to give you a ticket?
  224. Alternative parking lot designs?
  225. Laser Ally Lidar manual
  226. correctable violation CA
  227. Has anyone ever used an Attorney to fight a ticket in CA? - What is your experience?
  228. Speeding - GPS vs. LIDAR
  229. Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer in Marked Car for Speeding
  230. I did 111 mph ‘to go have sex,’ man tells cops
  231. Does LEO give second chance if you slow down after first LIDAR hit?
  232. Ways, other than counter-measures, to protect yourself against a ticket.
  233. Can LIDAR be shot behind closed window?
  234. Appeal speeding ticket decision. is it worth it? (state - PA)
  235. AAA Magazine & Georgia Super Speeder Law
  236. Anyone know the top speed of new charger police cars?
  237. I'm going to go in search of a speeding ticket
  238. Where's the x band?
  239. Bill to repeal Reckless Driving in Va for 20+ over the PSL or 80+mph
  240. Out of state license plates make it less worthwhile to local LEO?
  241. French cops say man speeding at more than 160 mph broke their radar
  242. Ooops, Sorry About That Speed Limit Sign
  243. Flagrant Speeding - Why Do You Do It?
  244. Memphis to Dallas - I 40 and I 30 across Arkansas and Texas
  245. Connecticut 41 in a 25 BUT posted 30...HELP!
  246. Automated Self Driving Cars